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Corps planting takes place in many ways. Small groups, outposts, second congregations, through a social services unit, from a mother corps and pioneering a new corps are all possible options – each with its own variations as we respond to unique and changing communities.
For more information on planting, please contact the Corps Ministries Secretary or the Corps Health and Planting Consultant (James Watson - see bottom of this page)
Invitations to consult on assessing opportunities for planting, planning the process and accessing resources are all welcome.


is a standard resource for corps planting. Coaches are available to meet on a regular basis with planters in person and virtually to ask good questions to clarify issues and work out future steps in the planting journey.

Church Plant Design Shops

are conducted in partnership with the New Leaf Network. The “flipped classroom” approach to training provides video sessions which are discussed with the coach in advance of a two day face-to-face boot camp experience with other planters. Online videos of the main sessions allow the planters to work through the issues with their team according to their own time

Dreamers, Encouragers, Planters

is a regular video conference for planters to discuss the issues facing them and receive prayer support. Themed discussions and presentations are also planned to address themes that have been raised by planters. Anyone who is exploring planting or wants to encourage and pray for planters is invited to join the network. Contact the Corps Health and Planting Consultant to join in.

Church Planting Canada

( is a broad-based Canadian network of planters and those who catalyze planting. The Congress takes place every two years and features Canadian and international voices tackle a broad range of issues in contemporary society and essentials for planting among diverse communities.

Community Research

Research can give you both a bird’s eye view of the people around you (demographics) or a good reason to ask people questions (surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.). Through our researcher, Hartley Goldenthal, The Salvation Army has access to census data and expertise in survey design. Think carefully about what might be accomplished by asking some strategic questions, talk to a few people with a bit of experience and connect with some people in your community.

A guide for church based community research is currently available through Outreach Canada [] and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada [].

Are You a Church Planter?

Discerning a call to start new congregations is primarily spiritual discernment. How has God been pointing you in this direction?
A few tools have been created to assist the discernment process and specifically to determine “fit” with the competencies that are often required by church planters. The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda has an account for free online initial church planter assessment surveys. This survey is quick and easy to fill out. Just go to and click on the Church Planters link. The basic assessment is free and requires that you create a new account and when you are given the opportunity to “Choose a church planting agency to assess your profile” select The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda from the list. When you complete the survey, you will receive a report by email and a report will be saved to The Salvation Army account. Contact the Consultant for Church Planting and Congregational Resources  for conversation about your report. Regardless of the findings of your report, there may be opportunity to participate in church planting.
For a more in depth assessment of behavioural competency, a Profile Assessment System 4 hour interview is available. For more information, contact the Consultant for Church Planting and Congregational Resources.
For more information or assistance finding resources, contact

Recommended Reading

There are many books currently being published that explain church planting as a mission activity. For a guided tour of the resources available, contact the Consultant for Church Planting and Congregational Revitalization.
Here are 3 good introductory books:

Planting Churches CoverPlanting Churches in the 21st Century by Stuart Murray asks: why, how, where, when, what who and what next? These questions ground and focus the issues involved in starting a new congregation in Western society.

Ten Ten Most Common Mistakes Most Common Mistakes Made by New Church Starts by Jim Griffith and Bill Easum presentsa top 10 list of issues that church planters should address. It is helpful not just for planters, but also for their coaches and supervisors as it includes comments for each of these roles.

Community in Mission: A Salvationist Ecclesiology by Phil Needham is a great ebook on biblical foundations of congregations