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The Corps Ministries Department at Canada and Bermuda Territorial Headquarters is pleased to provide a wide variety of Cohort topics  for the upcoming season.


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Registration and payment forms are posted on each course outline page.

 Salvo Evangelizing: Activating the Go For souls Ideal  Feb 3 – Mar 9  1:00 PM EST
 Weaponizing Small Groups: The Base Network Model  Feb 4 – Feb 25 1:00 PM EST
 Holistic Discipling: The Infinitum Rule of Life  Feb 5 – Mar 4 7:00 PM EST
 Great Commission Skunkworks  Feb 6 – Feb 27 1:00 PM  EST
 Go For Souls – Book Club  Feb 10 – Mar 9 7:00 PM EST
 Revitalizer's Cohort Feb  13 - June 11  1:00 PM EST
 Community & Family Services  TBA
 Social Services Accreditation  Feb 14 - June 11  (Time TBD)
 Men's Discipleship Mar 3 - Mar 31 1:00 PM EST

Notifications for registrants:

Once you have registered for a Learning Cohort and submitted your payment, you will receive a reminder one week before the first session, and you will receive a notification two days before each session which contains the ZOOM conference information.

If you have not used ZOOM before, please check in early to make sure your computer is set up correctly, using the information that you receive in the email.

If you do not receive notification, please contact corps_ministries@can.salvationarmy.org, indicating clearly your name and the cohort for which you registered.