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Learning Cohorts

Take this opportunity to engage in learning through the Learning Cohorts.  Learning Cohorts consist of several video-conference sessions and in some cases include a coaching experience. 

To read details of course outlines and dates, and to REGISTER visit: www.saMinistryHelps.ca/learning

Learning Cohorts


INIFINITUM (DISCIPLESHIP)  - Starts Sept. 9,  5 sessions

MEN'S DISCIPLESHIP - Starts Sept. 24, 5 sessions

BASE NETWORK - Starts Oct. 14, 4 sessions

GO FOR SOULS - Starts Oct. 7, 5 sessions

Each Cohort topic involves 4/5 sessions which run for one hour, with content sharing and an opportunity for interaction.  These session are conducted using the internet and a ZOOM Meeting link, and are limited to 10-12 registrants.  The cost is $25.