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Four Video Conference Sessions
February 11 - May 12

What Will We Learn

The Cohort will provide a framework to define and create a better understanding of culture. It will provide a chance to understand a different culture's frame of reference and attempt to put our own cultural frame of reference in light of another's. Lastly it will highlight best practices and next steps for participants to begin using their learning in their own community as well as further learning opportunities.


Date & Time



Pre-session preparation

Feb. 11

Understanding Culture

Dr. Tim Tang

Read Part 1

Mar. 10

A look into Muslim culture


Have read Part 2

(understand the Spectrum of Cultural Expressions)

Apr. 14

A look into Indigenous culture

Major Shari Russell

Have read Part 2

(understand the Spectrum of Cultural Expressions)

May 12

Best practices and next steps

Dr. Tim Tang

Read Part 3

Who are the Presenters?

Rev. Dr. Timothy Tang

Timothy Tang was born in Markham where he now lives with his wife and three children. Pastor Tim has been a pastor at the East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church where he has been ministering for 18 years. After studying at Upper Canada College, he went on to the University of Waterloo where he completed his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. Though Tim planned a career in health care, God called him to full time ministry during a short-term missions trip to Asia in 1996, after which he finished his M.Div. in Youth and Family Ministry at Tyndale Seminary.

With almost 30 years of experience working with Asian youth in Toronto, Timothy continues to seek avenues to redeem the relationships within our multi-cultural Asian communities. Tim has also recently completed a Doctor of Ministry at Gordon-Conwell Seminary with a focus on intercultural leadership development. He has recently assumed the role of Director of the Tyndale Intercultural Ministries Centre under the Open Learning Centre at Tyndale University, College & Seminary. It’s mission, to act as a catalyst to mobilize the entire body of Christ for local and global mission, has enabled Tim to continue to shape his call. Read his work in the recently published From the Margins to the Centre and hear him featured on Faith Today’s podcast on “How to be an Intercultural Church”.


In 2007, Shawn  and his wife Hayley trusted God to do a miracle in the largest Muslim neighbourhood in Canada. Shawn and his wife, with their three children, rented an apartment which held the very first prayer meetings for the Jesus Network. Sent as church-planters to the city, Shawn and Hayley chose an underground approach: they invited neighbours to their home for prayer meetings, meals, Bible reading, cultural celebrations and discipleship. After 4 years of meeting in homes, they launched a public service in the neighbourhood. Currently over 300 people attend these church services in 5 languages.

Major Shari Russell

Shari Russell is Saulteaux (Anishinaabe) registered with Yellow Quill First Nation in Saskatchewan. She is a survivor of the 60’s scoop but has since reunited with her biological family.

Shari has been married to Robert for 25 years and they have three boys: Charles, Gavin, and Brannon. Shari & her husband Robert were commissioned as Salvation Army Officers in 1999 and her appointments have included: teaching instructor at the Salvation Army College for Officer Training in St. John’s, Nfld and Winnipeg, MB and Corps appointments in Toronto, Winnipeg and Sudbury.  Shari is currently the Territorial Indigenous Ministries Consultant for The Salvation Army teaching cultural awareness and empowering Indigenous leaders. 

Through the years, Shari has been adjunct instructor at Booth University College, Tyndale University, and George Fox University.  She is also the Chair of the Board for Indigenous Pathways (NAIITS).

e-Book: Many Colors: Cultural Intelligence for the Next Church by Soong-Chan Rah Available from Christian Book Distributors ($8.81) Many Colors (

 What Is the Format of the Learning Cohort? The learning cohort will include the following elements:

  1. Pre-Session Reading: (Ebook) Many Colors: Cultural Intelligence for the Next Church by Soong-Chan Rah
  2. Monthly Video conference:The video conference allows us to meet and learn together from very different parts of the Territory. While the video conference from a computer or smartphone is encouraged to get to know the cohort, there will be a dial in option for telephone as well.
  3. Coaching: available if interested, but not required.

Why a Learning Cohort?
Reflection on God’s mission and how it finds expression in our leadership is important. We can increase our learning by hearing and reflecting on the experience of others. The time commitments are intentionally brief, however having several other people to share in the journey over a four month period provides support, encouragement and peer accountability in the process.

What will it Cost to Participate in this Cohort?
A registration fee of $25 is required. . Your Corps may be able to help with the cost of you participating in a cohort. Please see your Corps Officer. While the cost of the presenters, resources, coaching appointments and administration is being covered by the Corps Ministries Department at Territorial Headquarters, your contribution will be appreciated.  The cost must be billed to your ministry unit.

Any Questions?

If at any time you have questions, you are welcome to contact the Corps Ministries Department of Territorial Headquarters.  Please feel free to email ( to ask any questions about the scheduling or process of this Learning Cohort.

e-Book: Many Colors: Cultural Intelligence for the Next Church by Soong-Chan Rah

Available from Christian Book Distributors ($8.81)

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