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Statistical Analysis

The Salvation Army has always believed that statistics and corresponding research are imperative for proper strategic planning and are a vital part of ministry. The mandated statistical collection program for this territory is SAMIS (Salvation Army Management Information System) which is accessed at

As well as statistics, the department offers any Salvation Army personnel access to demographic reports based on stats from the most recent census along with housing starts obtained from CMHC. The information from these reports is vast and includes statistics such as population, mother tongue, family status, income and religion to name just a few. While Statistics Canada’s website can provide basic information, the Corps Ministries Department provides far more detailed reports and can break it down to areas as small as a city block, unlike Statistics Canada which can only provide information for an entire city.

One other service offered by the Corps Ministries Department is help with ministry unit surveys. While there is a basic survey on sallynet  many units have found that this survey is too general for their needs. We can help design and analyze surveys specifically customized to the needs of a ministry unit.

For more information about report breakdowns for your area and analysis surveys, contact Hartley Goldenthal

How We Do Ministry & Mission

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This is how we are ministering through our corps in the Canada & Bermuda Territory.

Annual Review Goals - Strategic Priorities

Annual Ministry Review Results

How did the goals from the 2016 Annual Ministry Review reflect the 7 Strategic Priorities of the territory?

In the 2016 review Corps were asked to identify 3 high priority goals, and indicate which Strategic Priority those goals fit into.  Here are the results:

#By the Numbers

How are we doing?

How are we doing?

Discipleship is a Strategic Priority for our territory and all ministry units...

Is Fellowship Evangelism?

View the 2016 report

The 2016 Fellowship Report.

The danger for a corps which caters fellowship only to members is that it will become ingrown or self-focused...

Summer Outreach

What Outreach Will You Do?

What Outreach Will You Do?

Congratulations: During 2016  167 CORPS locations organized, executed (and reported in SAMIS) 1,437 SUMMER OUTREACH EVENTS resulting in a total ATTENDANCE of 67,017.  These events were recorded in SAMIS under: Outdoor Meeting, Vacation Bible School, Special Events...