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e-TIPS: tips for youth workers                                                                                                     SUMMER 2017



A new ministry season is quickly coming upon us. Are you ready?  Have you looked through your calendar and marked special happenings?  Here are a few events to keep in mind as you plan your year ahead:


Fall Kick Off / Rally Day – a time to gather the troops together again.  Use this day or weekend event as an opportunity to follow-up with kids who attended your summer VBS, day camps or who you sponsored to go to overnight camp.  It’s also a great time to hold a showcase of all the ministry opportunities your corps and family services offer throughout the year.


Decision Day – This month, intentionally plan decision opportunities.  It’s worth it to plan an opportunity for young and old alike to be given the invitation to invite Christ into their lives.
Youth Discipleship Sunday – hand over a Sunday morning worship service to your youth.  Let them plan it, lead it and speak to your congregation.  It’s a great way to encourage them to take ownership of their church.


December is a month that is busy with Kettle and Christmas Drive ministries, but also a great time to get kids involved in telling the Christmas story to their family, congregation and members of the community.  You can find Christmas program ideas at


Junior Soldier Renewal & Ready to Serve Commitment Sunday – this month highlight your young members and disciples.  Provide them with an opportunity to renew their Junior Soldier Promise and commitment to learning more about God.
Decision Day – Begin the new calendar year with an opportunity to encourage relationships with Christ.  Check out our online catalogue for resources to help you plan an event and tools to help you share Christ.


Divine Service – February is a great time to highlight the Scouting ministry and Pioneer Clubs.  Invite the kids involved in these program to help lead your morning worship and to invite their families to your church on a Sunday.


Youth Discipleship Sunday – once again give your teens an opportunity to “take over” morning worship, to share their stories and to encourage your congregation.
International Day of Prayer for Children and Youth – Mark this on your calendars!  Watch for great resources coming to your inbox and mailbox!


Easter Family Event – Plan a family event where you can share Christ’s sacrifice in a meaningful way.  You might want to check out Group’s “Walk With Jesus: Starter Kit” or “The Great Surprise”.
Decision Day – Intentionally plan a decision day for each of your ministries.  Don’t forget to follow-up with those who make decisions.  Follow-up resources are available at


First Steps and Cradle Roll – with Mother’s Day being a focus this month, why not celebrate your families with younger children.  Plan a special event to bring them together, celebrate family and encourage new friendships.


Graduation Day – plan to recognize your high school students who are moving on to next steps.  Match them up with an adult who will commit to pray for them as they move on to further education or enter the working world.


Day Camp and VBS – If you haven’t planned a day camp or VBS before – try it this year.  They both provide you with an opportunity to reach out to families and to share the gospel message in simple, fun-filled ways.


Decision Day - Plan one more opportunity in this ministry year to intentionally provide an opportunity for your young people to make a commitment to Christ.  Be sure to celebrate all decisions made with your whole congregation.


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