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e-TIPS for Youth Workers

e-TIPS: tips for youth workers                                                                                                 April 2019


What plans have you made for your summer ministries?  Will you be running a VBS every morning for a week?  Will you be hosting a camp at home team to lead a week’s worth of summer outreach?  Will you be hiring a team to run a summer long day camp at your ministry unit?  All are fantastic ministry opportunities to both share the good news and to build relationships within your community.

There’s a lot of planning and organization involved in running summer outreach ministries.  You’ve got to hire or recruit a team leader / coordinator.  You’ve got to recruit volunteers to run games, crafts, prepare food and to be small group leaders.  You’ve got to plan for your leaders-in-training.  You’ve got to choose a VBS program.  You’ve got to buy supplies for games, activities, crafts and so much more.  But more importantly you’ve got to train your workers and create safe spaces for the campers.

We’re pleased to announce that Praesidium Inc. now has a training program for Day Camp, entitled "A Day At Day Camp".  This new course offers great advice for day camp workers that will help with planning and scheduling as well as helping you to:

  • Know how to identify high risk situations
  • Know how to manage high risk situations
  • Know how to recognize and respond to warning signs in situations
  • Know how to keep your boundaries clear with campers

This new course looks at these main activities which have high risk potential: early arrival time, starting the day, swim time, lunch and free time, field trips and pick up time.

If you are planning to run a Day Camp or a Weekday VBS program your staff and volunteers need to complete The Salvation Army’s Screening Process.  This means they need to:

  1. Read the Territorial Abuse Prevention Policy Manual and the Territorial Abuse Prevention Resource Manual.  Then submit the “Acknowledgement of Abuse Prevention Policy Manual”
  2. Fill in a Statement to Work with Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults
  3. Submit a Police Record’s Check or Vulnerable Sector Check
  4. Complete the Armatus Courses:  Meet Sam, It Happened to Me, Duty to Report and “A Day at Day Camp”.  Returning staff should complete this new course “A Day at Day Camp” and the Abuse Prevention Refresher Course.
  5. References should be contacted / checked on each staff member.

Two good pieces of advice from the new “A Day at Day Camp”:

Leaders in Training (or Counsellors in Training) are not to supervise children and are not included in the student-leader ratio.
You, as a leader, are there to be a positive role model!

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