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e-TIPS: tips for youth workers                                                                                               May 2020


The month of May is here and with it comes Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate the special women in our lives who nurture, encourage, love and care for us.  Normally kids would be making hand-made gifts for these special women at school or in Sunday school classes.  This year we need to find different ideas to encourage kids in our ministry to celebrate the special women in their lives.  Here’s a few ideas to help get you started:
  • Write mom a note to tell her how you appreciate her and list some of the things she does that you are thankful for.
  • Do a chore to help your mom out.  Wash, dry and put the dishes away.  Make your bed – make Mom’s bed!  Clean up your home school area.  Put away any toys that have been laying around.
  • Create a packet of “Let me Help” cards.  Cut slips of paper and on them write different ways that you can help, such as “Let me help you cook dinner,” “Let me help you by taking out the garbage,” Let me help you have a rest while I watch my little sister”.  Give the cards to your mom, and when she picks a “Let Me Help” card be sure to be a cheerful helper.
  • Using washable markers (or paints) create a special message for your mom on a window.
  • Serve mom her morning coffee or tea and then let her sit and enjoy it without any interruptions for at least ½ an hour.
  • Celebrate your mom with a real, imaginary or virtual tea party.  Get dressed up and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Get someone to help you organize a zoom meeting, google meet or facetime with any women who are special to you. Let them know why you wanted to spend time with them today.
  • Using sidewalk chalk write an extra-large Mother’s Day greeting on the sidewalk or driveway outside your home.  (You can make a message to encourage any woman who might pass by.)
  • Let mom choose a movie to watch with you today.  Find out why the movie she chose is special to her.  Discover what her favourite movie was when she was your age.
  • Connect with the children in your ministry. Video record them answering questions such as: What is your favourite memory of your mom? What is something your mom does really well?  What is one thing you’d like to tell your mom today? How is your mom making this time of isolation of fun? Etc. Compile the video clips and share with the moms.
  • Write a Mother’s Day prayer and share it with your mom and the women who are special to you.
  • Take a picture of you and your mom celebrating Mother’s Day while in isolation together.
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