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e-TIPS for Youth Workers

e-TIPS: tips for youth workers                                                                                                     June 2018


Are you ready to serve?  “Yes Ma’am (or Sir), We’re Ready to Serve!” is what children across our territory have been saying!  Are you ready to join them? “Ready to Serve” is our very own media-driven children’s discipleship program.  With a mix of DVD mission assignments, in-class instruction and on-line follow up, children ages 7-10 are discovering how much God loves them, His plan for their lives and how to live out the Christian life in today’s world.


What are the “Ready to Serve” Objectives?

  • To disciple young people through a relevant, age-appropriate, inter-active and multi-media curriculum
  • To awaken in every participant a desire to know and love God and to serve Him
  • To provide churches with a discipleship curriculum that can be used either in a traditional Sunday school or midweek children’s club setting
  • To further classroom study and activities with a website just for the recruits (students)
  • To introduce young people to The Salvation Army and its mission


What Does a Typical “Ready to Serve” Class Time Look Like?

  • Weekly lessons are directed by a local Squad Leader
  • Class time begins with engaging Pre-Mission Activities to draw in the recruits (students)
  • A unique group of teaching characters called the “Ready to Serve Recon Team” are featured in the exciting DVD segments
  • There are three Mission Uplinks (DVD segments) with the Recon Team who give the recruits their missions
  • Each class time features two mission (learning) assignments and one field mission (life application) assignment
  • A key feature to every week is a Prayer Huddle which is a significant opportunity for the recruits to spend time in prayer with God, praying for themselves, each other and the world around them


What Are Some Special Features of “Ready to Serve”?

  • It provides a large group/small group format which helps fit the program into any size group or setting
  • The material is user and leader-friendly with easy to follow DVD and lesson prompts
  • Lesson material is delivered in an easily downloadable format from the leaders’ website
  • Leaders can post questions, comments or additional teaching ideas on the leaders’ website
  • Recruits have their own website with a local “My Squad Page” where they can post prayers, prayer requests and check out their field mission reminders, it also has daily devotions, trivia, and much more
  • This program is fully funded by THQ and is available FREE of charge!


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