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Looking for ways to add a little extra excitement to your midweek kids’ programs?  Why not have theme nights throughout the year or each week.  Below are some ideas that you might like to try.  Pick a theme and then let your imagination go wild.  Be sure to tie in your activities, food, crafts and devotional to the theme you’ve chosen.


Get Wet Night

Glow In the Dark Night

Black and White Night (come dressed in black and white, have an Oreo stacking contest, put black paper on walls and give kids white crayons to draw graffiti on it)

Camp In Night (bring in small tents, sleeping bags, flash lights and an indoor campfire, hotdogs, s’mores and sing camp songs)

Beach Night (do in January)

Ugly Sweater Night

Bible Heroes Night

Spy Night

Great Affliction Night (dress up wounded: sprained ankle, black eye, etc. with a devotional on Jesus the Great Physician

Olympics Night (silly competition with balloon volleyball, weird relays, etc.)

What I Want to be When I Grow Up Night (dress up)

Super Hero Night

Eat Around the World Night (kids go to different tables and taste everything, emphasis on missions)

Weird Hair Night (everyone does their hair weird and outrageous)

Twins Night (kids dress same as friend and come as “twins”, promote visitors)

Hat Night (devotional: talk about the different “hats” we wear every day and our responsibilities as we “wear” them)

Giant Night (dress in big clothes, play games with giant equipment, devotional on David and Goliath)

Canadian/Bermudian History Night (come dressed as your favourite character from history)

Dress Your Dog Night (everyone decorates a hot dog, prizes for “best of” categories)

TP Night (kids wrap each other in toilet paper, devotional on story of Lazarus)

Potato Night (kids decorate a potato, eat baked potatoes with toppings)

Army Nights (either military or Salvation Army, serve donuts and talk about SA role in WW1 and WW2)

Christmas in July

Balloon Rodeo (check out the book “Special Events” (The Ideas Library) by Youth Specialties)

Watermelon Madness

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream

Pirate Plunder

Western Nights

Fishing Frenzy Night (kids use feet to dig bait (plastic gold fish) out of a large tub of cold oatmeal, faces to dig gummy worms out of chocolate pies, dig for lost “fish hooks” in bowls of rice while blindfolded)

Bubble Bonanza (eat edible bubbles, have races with blowing bubble gum, work with bubbles, devotional on when someone pops our bubble or tries to bring us down, that God is the one who we can turn to when others fail us)

Band-Aid Night (come covered in band-aids)

Sports Night (come dress in your favourite sports gear)

Toothpaste Night (devotional on gossip or anger)

B.A.R.F. Night (Bring A Real Friend Night)

Mystery Night (emphasis on trying to solve a puzzle/crime/ incident.  Integrate the concepts of the Clue board game)

Silent Night / Holey Night (leaders will love this quiet night)

When I Was Wittle Night (kids dress up as babies, bring baby photos)

Drive in Movie Night (kids bring cardboard box “cars” they have made to see the movie)

Caveman Night

50’s Night

Green Scene (have everyone wear green, have green snacks, green games and prizes.  Devotional on envy (coveting))

Put It In Your Pocket Night (kids stuff their pockets with as many different things as possible.  Then call out a prepared list of items.  Discover what your kids thought of, serve pita pocket snacks)

Junk Night (pack your pockets with junk, play “Let’s Make a Deal” and call out items they may have in their pockets)

Star Wars Night

Star Search

Team Spirit Night (dress as your favourite team)

Jell-O Bowl (theme everything around Jell-O)

Ugly Tie Night

Birthday Night

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