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e-TIPS for Youth Workers


May 2017


What do you do when your class or program completes everything you had planned to do, but you still have a bit of time left?  Here are some simple ideas that you can keep in a tote bag, plastic tub or maybe even a shoe box and pull out as needed.

  1. Play charades.
  2. Ask a thought question, such as:  If you were going on the ark with Noah and could take only three possessions, what would they be?  If you were Adam, what would you have named an elephant, a porcupine, and a kangaroo?  What do you think Jonah thought about when he was inside the fish?
  3. Write a story together that illustrates a biblical principle such as honesty or kindness.
  4. Make “appreciation” cards for the corps officer, worship leader, Sunday school or pioneer club coordinator, etc.
  5. Play “20 Questions” with a “person, place or thing” from the Bible.
  6. Name a Bible character or Bible place that starts with “A” (Abraham, Anitioch), “B” (Barnabas, Bethany), etc.
  7. Write your own song as a group.
  8. Create a Bible crossword puzzle.
  9. Have a “church quiz”.  What does a corps officer do?  What does the CSM do?  What are the requirements to become a member of The Salvation Army?  What is the offering used for?  Who “owns” the church”?  (Many children think the corps officer owns the corps or at least lives there!)
  10. Ask children in what country they would like to be a missionary and why.
  11. Name a “thing” (a candle, door, chair, etc.)  Have the children create an object lesson about that “thing”, illustrating a spiritual principle.
  12. Design your own puzzles.  Write a favourite Bible verse on a piece of heavy paper.  Decorate crayons or markers.  Cut into puzzle pieces.  Then exchange puzzles and put them together.
  13. Take a file folder and label it “Lesson Stretchers”.  Then look through old Sunday school or other curriculum and cut out any ideas that you can use to review your lesson together.  Add them to the folder and keep them in your meeting room or supply bin.
  14. Visit to find other ideas for children’s ministry that you can put into a file when you need to fill out your class or group time.
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