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Anger is a normal part of life and many children and adults do not have positive opportunities to practice dealing with their anger.  There is nothing wrong with feeling angry; problems only begin to arise when people do not deal with their anger properly.  Poor coping skills can lead to hurtful conduct such as vandalism, self harm and violence.  Teaching students how to manage their anger can significantly reduce the amount of violence within a school and community.  The RED CAP club provides the opportunity for young people to learn how to manage their anger.

RED CAP is an anger management program geared to 8 to 12 year olds.  The program is 8 weeks long and can be fit into other modular children’s programs or over a 1½ hour lunch period or after school as a school club.  The program is interactive and run by volunteers who are well trained and screened.  Although run by The Salvation Army, this is not a faith-based program.  RED CAP provides an incredible opportunity to offer our communities some thing that that they really need—anger management for their students.

The goal of RED CAP is to have participants come to the point where they will automatically STOP as they learn to positively deal with their anger.  Each RED CAP lesson centres on one of these areas—Stopping, Thinking and Problem Solving.

For more information on how to become a Red Cap Facilitator contact your divisional youth secretary to find out when a training event is being held.  Facilitator Manuals are available to trained facilitators at a cost of $50.00. 

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Red Cap is produced by The Salvation Army Children & Youth Ministries Department.
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