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2 INFNTY & B-OND (Junior HIgh Winter 2018)

 Launching into the Prophets
(Junior High Bible Study/CROSSzone)2INFNTY & B-OND

  1 - A Prophet"s CV (Who and What is a Prophet?)
What is a prophet? What do prophets do? How can we know if we should trust a prophet? Your students may think that these questions are irrelevant because it appears that we don’t have prophets today. Well, just look around. We have as many “prophets” today as they had in Bible times. We need the scriptural tools to discern the validity of a prophet’s

  2 - Close Encounter (Isaiah Responds to God"s Call)
This lesson will help your students to understand that 'going along' for the wrong reasons will not work with God. Paying God 'lip service' is useless since God knows the heart. Today they can encounter God in his greatness, but an honest response is the best response.

  3 - Healing Tears (God Uses Young People - Jeremiah))
Today’s lesson touches on feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness - something teens know all about! Jeremiah certainly didn’t feel qualified to be a prophet, yet God used him to bring his message to a sinful nation. God can use today’s teens, too!

  4 - What do Clay Pots and Useless Land Have in Common? Jeremiah
Emphasize to your students that God promises to be with us too. He is with us every day, but his presence is especially comforting when we go through difficult experiences. Jeremiah’s experience of trials shows us his faith in God as well as the truth that difficult times can make us stronger, more courageous, and more compassionate than ever before.

  5 - Are 31 Flavours Enough? (There is Always Hope) Jeremiah
Teens live very much in the present. The future, even five or ten years ahead, seems unreal to them. If this is so with your students, you may wish to put all the questions and exercises in the context of the next year or two rather than 10 or 20 years hence.

  6 - So Last Decade! (Resisting Peer Pressure) Daniel
Pressure to go along with the crowd can be very real in circumstances like these and it takes courage and determination to take a stand for Christ! Encourage your young people through this lesson, reminding them that God honours our faithfulness.

  7 - In Your Face Faith (Stand Up For What You Believe In)
Teens need the courage to stand up for what they know is right. Knowing that others believe as they do and are willing to stand by their beliefs, will help them and give them support. If teens are not going to give in to peer pressure, they need to know what they believe and why. While Daniel is a familiar story, reviewing it can provide a forum for discussing the truth of Scripture, the reality of peer pressure and the strength that God gives us to stand up under any and all pressure.

  8 - Don"t Rip the World (Resisting the World's Influence)
Your students are learning to weigh ideas and to evaluate the messages with which the world is constantly bombarding them. Encourage them to “test the spirits” (1 John 4:1) and to rely on God for wisdom. Urge them to put God first in their lives and to allow him to show them the way to live, rather than allowing the pressures of the world to determine their life-style.

  9 - An Army of Dead Men (Amazing Miracles Can Happen) Ezekiel
There will be times in every teen's life when they lose sight of hope. Perhaps after a particularly difficult time, or after giving in to temptation. The message of Ezekiel is the message of salvation and the Holy Spirit. God has provided for our salvation, and given us what we need to live for him. Give this message of HOPE today!

  10 - First Things First (God"s Priorities) Haggai
Haggai is a good book to read when we need to be challenged about God’s claim on our lives and our priorities. Your young people know all about ‘to-do-itis’. Help them to understand the importance of putting God before everything else.

WHERE JUNIOR HIGH AND CROSSzone MEET! The Junior High Bible Study is also used as the Bible curriculum for the CROSSzone program. To learn more about upcoming units click here: Discipleship Programs .

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