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A Life Altering Experience (Senior HIgh Winter 2018)

Senior High Bible StudyLife Altering Experience


COURSE DESCRIPTION:    In an excerpt from his new book, Too Christian, Too Pagan: How to Love the World Without Falling for It,ick Staub writes about today"s spiritual journey. which, he says, "is increasingly carried on outside organized religion". And although only 16% of young adults have any contact with organized religion, 82% of them are asking questions about life after death (compared to 69% in 1978. Staud writes, "They are more likely to seek answers to their questions in a ...bookstore, or in discussions about recently released movies or music, than they are in a church...today"s spiritual conversation has moved outside the church and into everyday life." (Zondervan, ISBN 031023351).
Such realities need to matter to us, While your study group may meet within the church walls, it"s equally possible your venue may be a coffee shop, or a skate park, or a movie theater. Your teens need to know that what matters to you is engaging them where they are, in a way that makes sense and speaks their language.
As you use this course to look at some ETERNAL REALITIES, our prayer is that God would speak through you to bring hope and anticipation about the life to come for teens who are very grounded in "today".

  1 - What Can We Know For Sure? (Assurance of Salvation)

  2 - Beyond the Pearly Gates (A Study of Heaven)

  3 - A Life-Altering Experience (Jesus" Impact on Our World)

  4 - Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength (Living Out The Greatest Commandment)

  5 - Not Just An Opinion (Jesus Is The Only Way To God)

  6 - Don"t Go There (A Study on Hell)

  7 - Suit Up (Putting On Your Spirit Armour)

  8 - Don"t Be Gullible (Learning Spirit Discernment)

  9 - Maranatha (Jesus Is Coming Again)

  10 - No Fear (Don"t Be Afraid of Life After Death)

WHERE SENIOR HIGH AND CROSStraining MEET! The Senior High Bible Study is also used as the Bible curriculum for the CROSSzone program. To learn more about upcoming units click here: Discipleship Programs .

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