What's Your Passion - Fall 2018 - Salvation Army Canada

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What's Your Passion - Fall 2018


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1 - Timing is Everything (Jesus' birth in God's time)
Learning Objective: God perfectly prepared the world for the long-awaited Messiah, Jesus Christ, and he is preparing us, too, for his purposes in his perfect time.

2 - The Long Wait (Jesus is who he claims to be)
Learning Objective: Learning about Jesus fulfillment of the Old Testament predictions of the Messiah helps us recognize that his birth demonstrates both God's love and people's response to that love.

3 - Just As We Are (How did Jesus handle temptations?)
Learning Objective: Jesus' temptation in the desert was met with victory, and his example of reliance on God's Word is one we can follow to help deal with the temptation that comes into our lives.

4 - Truly & Properly (Jesus as human and divine - Doctrine 4)
Learning Objective: As we become familiar with the fourth doctrine of The Salvation Army, we can then understand what the Bible teaches about Jesus' divinity and humanity.

5 - Don"t You Know Me By Now? (What do I believe about Jesus?)
Learning Objective: Jesus' divine and human nature made him the perfect sacrifice for our sins. His life models for our own what authentic humanity looks like.

6 - Commitment with Courage (Effective Disciples Stay Connected)
Learning Objective: As believers, we must have an understanding not only of the cost of discipleship, but the choice to respond to Jesus with courageous commitment.

7 - Honesty in Prayer (Being aware of God in new ways)
Learning Objective: Jesus' prayer life was exemplified by its constancy, intercession and total dependence upon God. Students are challenged to examine their own prayer lives in light of Jesus' example.

8 - Not What We Were (How's your heart condition?)
Learning Objective: We can learn invaluable lessons in friendship from studying the way Jesus related to people. His compassion and unconditional love are some examples of these lessons.

9 - A Mind for Missions (What do John the Baptist, Jesus and The Salvation Army have in common?)
Learning Objective: Jesus fulfilled his ministry in many meaningful ways, and as Salvationists, we should be aware of how our social service ministries are fulfilling a biblical mandate. Our mission is clear, and our response is needed.

10 - Daily Decisions (Being ready for God to use you)
Learning Objective: Teens will find practical advice about how to follow Jesus in the area of mission. They will be encouraged to examine excuses people commonly use to avoid following Jesus