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    Generosity and The Salvation Army

    Giving from the heart February 14, 2020 Tharwat Eskander
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    The Salvation Army was founded as a response to a great need! A man who was filled with compassion to the poor, the ill and the forgotten, that led him to actively reach them with the good news of the Gospel and to meet their physical needs at the same time.

    That’s how a worldwide movement was birthed, out of a compassionate and generous heart.

    The term “soup soap and salvation” came out of that compassion, and this was the start of one of the most generous christian ministries ever.

    Reading the mission statement “The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world” it can’t be any more generous that this, it’s this selfless mission statement that moves this worldwide organization to love, help and transform without any focus on self gain.

    That’s the reason we should be talking and teaching more generosity since we model it so well. The more we highlight how important it’s to us the more people will take a note that it’s not merely a random act of kindness that I’ll perform every now and then, but it’s a lifestyle, vision statement and a life-altering decision we can make as individuals or Corps/churches.