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    Generosity is Selfless Living

    Trip through Athens February 14, 2020 Tharwat Eskander
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    En route to Albania I stopped in Greece to meet with the Salvation Army Canadian officers serving there. Ministry in AthensHad the pleasure to visit with Captain Ray Lamont at the ministry centre in Athens. The building is located in the heart of the red light district of Athens, and offers many services mostly for refugees and trafficked individuals, including help with legal issues, food, clothing, sewing and computer classes to name a few.

    I heard many stories of hardships and misery there, so much darkness and hopelessness, at the same time I saw light that shines in this darkness. 

    I saw young men and women volunteer and help refugees who are refugee claimants themselves! I saw a woman who came all the way from the Netherlands funded by her church there to volunteer. I met a Persian man who’s very new in his faith in Christ serving people as if he’s trying to make up for all the years he wasn’t living for the Lord. And I met Captain Ray Lamont unfortunately Captain Curtis (her husband) wasn’t there, but I got to see their 2 boys. Sitting in a tiny office, so hot and sweating in there. Then she started to share about the ministry and the things they do there, I was in awe, thinking the whole time what a sacrifice to live and minister in this atmosphere, a young family with 2 boys ages 4 &6 ministering in the heart of the red light district, dealing with some hard and dangerous situations. Do they have any fear for their family? How about their young children are they ok with exposing them to these things? I can find many reasons and very good ones for them to say no we can’t, or ask to move to another appointment. As I was thinking about all these things, I had this thought in my mind, “generosity is a sacrifice” it’s giving up your comfort, your luxuries and even your rights for the sake of others. It’s o longer about me or even my family, it’s about the great calling of God over our lives. He deserves it all, he is worthy of every sacrifice we make, every inconvenience we encounter and every hardship we face. This in my opinion what “biblical generosity” means.