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  • May27Mon

    Meet You At Congress

    Limited Loaded Resource Duffle May 27, 2019 Corps Ministries
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    Ministry Resources
    The THQ Corps Ministries department will be available to answer questions, share about resources, provide other information about our consultants and resources at the 2019 Congress & Commissioning event, June 22-23, 2019.

    Visit our table in the ministry fair areas before/after/during all weekend events.

    We have GIVE AWAYS!  Follow our social media platforms and watch for spontaneous opportunities to acquire one of our great weekend resource bags.  A handy small duffle bag filled with a selection of resources shown below and other useful goodies.

    Mobilized For Mission - soldiership training course with leader and participant notes. Mobilized for Mission Soldiership Training Course
    Go For Souls!  A guide for the Salvationist soul-winner, by Frances Longino & Stephn Court. Foreword by Paul A Rader, 2019 Go For Souls - cover image
    Mentorship: A Guide for Developing Healthy Mentoring Relationships.  25 outlines to encourage conversations.  by Major B. Ivany Mentorship Book Cover
    Pastoral Care Council Minute Books, revised 2018. Pastoral Care Council Minute Books cover
    My New Life in Christ. A study for new believers in Christ who want to grow in faith and understanding. (Formerly From Mercy Seat to Holiness 3 book set in one) My New Life in Christ cover