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    Mission Trip

    What is it? August 11, 2019 Tharwat Eskander
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    Rainbow over Albania
    Rainbow over Albania
    I’ve been thinking about what the term “missions trip” means, it’s used by thousands of high school age kids who decide to go to a poor country overseas to “help” the needy. At the same time by different church groups throughout North America. So what exactly am I planning to do in about a week from now?
    I’d rather call it an “obedience trip” I’m totally going out of obedience to the voice I believe was God’s voice speaking clearly to my heart that said I haven’t forgotten about Albania!
    This country that’s slightly smaller than the state of Maryland with a population of 3 million living inside the country and more than 20% of the whole population have migrated outside of the country.
    I have a heart for Albania and Albanians, I want to see a Jesus movement happening there and to see Hope coming back to many Albanians. Why Albania? I don’t know exactly, it could be the divine appointment that made me interact with 2 young ladies who came to Canada as international students and got to witness their love and commitment to the Lord? Or is it from my holidays I took back in the summer of 2016 where I got to drive from Tirana to the south shores, a 4 hours of breath taking views and spend a week that made me fall in love with the beauty of this country?
    The one thing I know that God is madly in love with Albanians, and that he’s got amazing plans for them. Where do I fit in all of this? Maybe nowhere, maybe I’m just supposed to assure the Albanian church with what I know for sure, that God loves them and he wants to come with his Glory to their country.
    I don’t see myself going to “help them” or making a difference, I see myself carrying a message of Hope for Albania, God loves you so much that he sent his only begotten Jesus to save you, receive his love today.