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 2021 Winter Learning Cohort Topics: Evangelism, Congregational Health, Welcoming Newcomers, Discipleship, Small Groups.  All courses are multi-session and begin in February.  Use the right menu for information about each course and to find registration,


12 new Learning Cohorts sessions are beginning in February.  These are small group virtual learning sessions on a great variety of topics:




New this year:

Book Club options (evenings)


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Spiritual Tab Training
Thursday Jan. 14, 2021 @ 11:00 – 11:30 am EST
Friday Jan. 15, 2021 @ 11:00 – 11:30 am EST
Friday Jan. 15, 2021 @ 1:00 – 1:30 pm EST

Q & A Sessions
Mon, Feb 1, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am (EST- Toronto)
Tue, Feb 2, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (EST- Toronto)
Thu, Feb 4, 2021 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (EST- Toronto)
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We live in a time of unprecedented change in our church communities - a change that often takes place in the midst of personal life-transitions.
Join Christine MacMillan and Aileen Van Ginkel

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Corps Ministries Name Change to Corps Mission Resource department


The THQ CORPS MINISTRIES department is now the THQ CORPS MISSION RESOURCE department. 

This change will bring a strong alignment with our organizational transformation program - “Mobilize 2.0 - Inspired for Mission, Positioned for Growth” - and will help focus the efforts of the department to remain missionally focused in program,services, and new initiatives.


Similarly our website can be found quickly and easily at:

Advent - Indigenous Resource

In anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ, Cheryl Bear has prepared a special Advent resource for you and your church to use. This year, we celebrate this sacred season from the perspective of Indigenous peoples through “Advent of Reconciliation”. Let us, as a Canadian Baptist church family, come together to champion restoration as children of God who have been reconciled to Him.


SAMIS Worship during COVID  Here are the guidelines for collecting statistics for your online services.

New fields have been added to the most used Activities in SAMIS, for data including: #virtual meetings, #virtual households, #ministry connections (calls,cards), #care/resource packages.  Look for these boxes on Sunday Worship, Prayer & Bible Study, WM Activities, Sunday School, Youth Groups, Older Adult Fellowship and many more.

 Right Now Media - worlds largest library of Bible study videos

RightNowMedia now has a new quick button for virtual group viewing.  You can also view off-line.  For more information about the features, view this webpage: Right Now Media Apps

Check out new releases covering a wide range of topics: Right Now Media – New Releases

Evangelism Tool P.L.A.N. Pray, Love, Ask, Nurture A four part focus to increase intentionality and opportunities to share the gospel with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.  Can be used as a four part Sunday or small group engagement tool.

Pray * Love * Ask * Nurture

The .zip file contains printable cards for each focus, an explanatory document, a powerpoint set of slides, and images to be used to create other complementary
 GROW program for girls 12-17 advertisement


GROW: The Salvation Army Canada & Bermuda Territory is introducing Grow, a program designed by Women’s Ministries specifically for girls ages 12 to 17.  Find out how this will help you disciple your young women!


Worship & Ministry During Covid advertisement for a series of 4 webinars
Recordings are now available.

A series of information and sharing webinars focused on Worship & Ministry During COVID designed specifically for Corps Officers and Leaders.

Corps Regathering Download:  Regathering Corps- COVID-19  (PDF)
Here is the comprehensive Corps Regathering document, with guidelines for

Sunday Worship, Children & Youth, Music and PPE for corps ministries.
Find Policies and updates Visit  Department FAQ page has all the important policies, updates and communiqes during COVID.  Sign in using the MyArmy link.
Times of Grief Helpful information on performing a funeral for Indigenous peoples.
CANBDA Youth Resources CANBDA YOUTH Resources
Remote Kids Ministry Care Package (pre-school to elementary): video lesson, devotional, printable place mats and teaching guideDownload here.

Angus Reid Institute Angus Reid Institute Research  The results of this research are helpful to understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health and well being of Canadians
 CFS Front Line Thanks Download:  CFS Thanks Graphic

Health Worker Thanks Download: Social Services Thanks Graphic



Recommended for Corps Ministries

Policies & Guidelines

Guidelines for Virtual DiscipleshipSAMIS During Covid
Guidelines are available on the Departmental FAQ page, click the blue button to log in with My Army credentials.

Funeral Information
Guidelines are available on the Departmental FAQ page, click the blue button to log in with My Army credentials.

Virtual Discipleship Guidelines
Best Practices for Safe Digital Discipleship

Regathering Corps Ministries
Regathering Corps- COVID-19  (PDF)
Here is the comprehensive Corps Regathering document, with guidelines for
Sunday Worship, Children & Youth, Music and PPE.

CPR - Update

CPR COVID UpdateThe following CPR guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic are taken from the Heart and Stroke website.  Ministry Units are reminded to:

  • ensure staff secure and make use of their own PPE before proceeding with CPR
  • continue to work with their local Public Health and follow recommended guidelines.    read more....


Worship Services (Excerpt Update - TC)

  • All public Sunday worship services across the territory will be cancelled until further notice. That said, it’s important to note that while formal worship gatherings are cancelled due to directives from public health agencies, we encourage creative alternatives to meeting the spiritual needs of our people and community.  Additional resources are going to be made available later this week.  Reference the 'Regathering Corps Ministries' document above for guidelines on resuming public worship and programs.

Streaming (From MAGA)

In light of recent prohibitions on meeting in person, many congregations are now looking at streaming or sharing some form or worship. Please be advised that you need to have a Streaming License from CCLI to do so. Here’s a little breakdown of CCLI licenses and how they work.

Every ministry unit in Canada has a CCLI License that is managed and administered from the Music & Gospel Arts Department. This license only allows for the storing, printing, display and projecting of song lyrics. This license gets automatically renewed for each ministry unit every year to ensure a minimum level of compliance.

Some ministry units choose to obtain a CCLI SongSelect License. This is something a ministry unit purchases directly from CCLI. It gives online access to lyrics, provides the ability to print chord or lead sheets, has an instant transposition function and offers audio samples.

Any ministry unit that wishes to stream any type of live or recorded worship, service or program needs to contact CCLI directly and obtain a CCLI Streaming License. That license allows for the streaming and podcasting and covers every one of the 300,000 songs covered under the CCLI license. Due to the huge demand right now, that streaming license is the first thing you see on the CCLI homepage right now.

Visit to find more information or to order a SongSelect or Streaming License.

Other Activities (Excerpts from the TC)

Those wishing to proceed with cancellation of other activities due to concerns, are advised to review them with the respective Area Commander and Divisional Headquarters or with the respective Cabinet Secretary.
We encourage corps officers and local leaders to find ways to connect with members of their corps and congregations, recognizing that some will miss the opportunity for fellowship and encouragement in such a time as we find ourselves.


Set Up Pre-Authorized giving for Members
Customizable form and instruction sheet.

PAD Authorization Form 
PAD Instruction Letter

Informational bulletin insert: Pre-Auth-bulletin-insert.pdf 

Offering Plate Cards - Give these out to members who have set up payments, so they can participate in the public act of giving. (Print on Business Cards)  PAD-Giving-Card

Use this graphic and link to the online payment form, on your corps website for members to make regular contributions.Corps Giving Online


Learning Cohorts
The THQ Corps Ministries hosted Learning Cohorts will be continuing as planned until further notice.




Recommended for Community & Family Services

A comprehensive document with everything you need to know:CFS FAQ - COVID
Community & Family Services FAQ

Some ideas in line with the government recommendations:

1.  Reduce or remove seats in waiting area, so that visitors are a safe distance apart.
2.  Request clients to call ahead and set up an appointment.  
3.  Provide regular clients with a pre-packaged bag of supplies.
4.  Clean the common area, and areas touched, between each client.
5.  Ensure workers keep a safe distance from clients, perhaps leaving bags at appointed times, just inside the door.
6.  Provide gloves for workers sorting donations from the public.
7.  Provide hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes for workers and visitors.
8.  Remove all magazines in waiting area.
9.  Provide helpful information handouts - especially for clients who may have limited access to news and media.

COVID-19 Multi-Language Information Sheet.pdf
COVID-19 Multi-Language Information Sheet FR.pdf


Helping Newcomers with English

Many newcomers are no longer able to attend in-person ESL classes. Others were on wait-lists for ESL classes wNewcomer Language Toolshich will now be delayed even longer. Social and Physical Distancing is hard for everyone and it is important to find ways to keep connected with our neighbours.  Here are some resources to help newcomers continue practising their language skills and make new connections during a time of physical and social isolation.

Mango Languages

Available for free through most major city public libraries or try it for free on their website. The online courses help learn and practice English, French, and many other world languages.


Learn a language and meet people online!

Groups of 4-7 people meet through online forums to learn and practice different languages

Worry & Anxiety - Multi language information
Helpful information in many languages. Psychology Tools/Worry and Anxiety

Other Ideas

If your Corps or Community & Family Services has an existing English Conversation Circle, try moving the group online through Zoom video conference calls or Whatsapp conference calls (many newcomers already have the app on their phones). If it is a large group, you may want to divide into 4-8 people to make it easier include everyone on screens.  

Make new connections between Corps members and (willing) Community Services Clients to help newcomers practice their English one-on-one. Make sure to check after the first call to make sure both sides feel comfortable continuing. The conversations do not need to me longer than about 15 minutes, on a weekly basis. Topics could include food, customs, cultural difference between Canada and their home country, etc.

Ontario Public Health – information sheet available in 28 different languages

How to talk to kids about COVID-19, now in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese

COVID-19 mythbusting – now in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian

General information from WHO about COVID-19 – videos in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Hindi, Turkish, and more being added every day


Here are two documents outlining an overview of Impact of COVD-19 on Immigration and COVID-19 Economic Response Plan for newcomers from RSTP (Refugee Sponsorship Training Program).



Virtual Bible Studies   

Right Now Media

Check out resources from RightNowMedia (TSA Registration Information). 

You can organize virtual studies by asking your members to sign up (free), set a time to view the study.  There are many ways to get small groups toget

her online virtually to discuss the study - even simple ways such as posting a discussion post on Facebook and have

everyone comment. You can also check into FB Group Chats, Skype Groups, Zoom.

The SkitGuys


The SkitGuys are offering some free resources to use during the COVID-19 crisis.  Check out what they are offering.


Discipleship in Social Distancing


Ministry Ideas

Sunday Worship

COVID-19 Services
Watch Sunday meetings provided by THQ.




Women's Ministries
Womens Ministries Ideas

Resources for Ministry
Ministry Helps Toolkit

Remote Kids Ministry Care Package (pre-school to elementary): video lesson, devotional, printable place mats and teaching guideDownload here.

CANBDA Youth Resources



Women's Ministries

Music & Gospel Arts

Corps Ministries

COVID-19 Communication #2

Filed Under: COVID-19
March 13, 2020

The Salvation Army
Office of the Territorial Commander
Canada and Bermuda Territory

To: All Officers and Employees

Dear friends:

Re: COVID-19 Communication #2

Thank you for all you are doing to support the mission and ministry of The Salvation Army across the territory during these days. Please be assured of my continued personal interest and prayerful support as you lead during these trying times.

The COVID-19 situation continues to change swiftly, thus the reason for Communique #2 in rapid follow up to yesterday’s email. Please accept my thanks for your questions and engagement. It is my hope that the following will be of use as you continue to respond to COVID-19:

Group Gatherings

Public health officials are now referring to “social isolation” as an important way to combat and manage the transmission of the virus. 

All Sunday worship services across the territory will be cancelled until April 30, 2020. That said, it’s important to note that while formal worship gatherings are cancelled due to directives from public health agencies, we encourage creative alternatives to meeting the spiritual needs of our people and community. Additional resources are going to be made available later this week. 

Daycare, March Break and Afterschool Programs

These can proceed as long as all necessary precautions can be met as per the Public Health Guidance Document at this link In the event there are concerns, the decision to cancel these programs is left to the discretion of the divisional commander.

In those areas where schools have been closed, we would advise that a local evaluation should be made of the situation including with public health officials in the affected community. It may be best to close these programs, and this is left to the discretion of the divisional commander.

As different parts of the territory are seeing varying degrees of engagement relative to the virus, it is also recommended that divisions continue to work with ministry units and the local health authority in the decision-making process.

Further information will be sent out regarding Booth University College convocation, the VOIT/SEE territorial youth congress and territorial executive conference (TEC) in the next week.


All domestic and U.S. business travel, including U.S. conference attendance is suspended effective immediately and until April 30. Any inquiries regarding travel should be addressed to the Chief Secretary, Colonel Edward Hill.

If you or your immediate family members return to Canada (from out of country), please call your local Public Health agency and your human resources department prior to returning to work as public health may have specific instructions and/or requirements prior to returning to work.

Employee Sick Time/Childcare Required (Ontario)

THQ Human Resources is working with THQ Legal to develop a process relative to sick time for employees and those who may be required to support family members in self-isolation/quarantine. We are sensitive to this reality and will follow up with further information early next week.

The Province of Ontario has closed all elementary and high schools for 3 weeks effective today, a decision that impacts many of our employees. As a result, Salvation Army team members will be supported during this extraordinary situation and employees with accommodation requests are advised to speak with their manager about options available (e.g. working from home, adjusted start- and end-times to the work day).

Friends, Commissioner Tracey and I are aware of the stress and anxiety that COVID-19 is creating. As we seek to live out our values, I am reminded that we can continue to provide hope to our friends, family and neighbours during these times through simple acts of kindness – a phone call or email. For those serving in our corps and social services facilities, we implore you to take great care as you serve. Thank you for your extraordinary service to suffering humanity during these days. 

My prayer for each of you and your families is for protection and grace in these days. Thank you for your continued partnership in ministry.

Kindly share this communication to all officers, employees and other stakeholders within your jurisdiction as you deem best.

God bless.


Floyd J. Tidd
Territorial Commander, Canada and Bermuda Territory

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