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Corps Administration

within The Salvation Army is the skill of engaging people in decision-making to bring direction and desired outcomes.  Every corps, regardless of size needs a framework to support the mission. A governance model is the framework to align communication and decision-making with the objectives of the corps.

There are basic principles that apply to corps administration in accordance with Orders and Regulations. These include:

  • Administration facilitates the principal mission of the corps.
  • Administration ensures as wide an ownership as possible within the corps structure for the accomplishment of the mission of the corps.
  • Ownership is achieved through active participation of the corps body in decision-making.
  • Decision making should occur as much as possible at the ministry/program level and by lay leadership.

Annual Corps Membership Review & Strategic Plan - Results for Administrative Model

Information about the use of Corps Council or Ministry Boards for 2018

Administration requires development of a board that:

  • is accountable for the fulfilment of the Army’s mission through the decision-making process at the ministry level.
  • provides policy direction within the corps.

The Corps Council is comprised of local officers exercising leadership skills related to their roles within the corps. While corps may not have all local officer positions filled Orders and Regulations suggests that Corps Officers work towards engaging people in the various roles of local officership.

The corps mission board is comprised of directors and committees in three major areas.

  • Program matters
  • Business matters
  • Pastoral care needsCorps Administration Model document image

Along with the corps officers, corps sergeant major and the directors for the three main areas, the key to engagement in this model is the creation of committees that report to the directors. Local officers may make strong contributions to these leadership roles.

The Corps Administration Model document is an invaluable tool with details for every aspect of corps leadership.

Administration de poste
Administration de Poste

Program Proposal Forms

Forms regarding changes in name, program and mission can be found here:


>Operating Policies

>Policies & Procedures

>Mission (MN)

>01 General

MN 01.003 Name Changes - Corps and Centres - Open this policy and find the link to the Name Change Form.
MN 01.004 Mission Proposals (Program Proposal, Restructuring forms etc.) - Open document and follow links.