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Ministry Worker Screening


The protection of children and youth within the care of The Salvation Army is top priority. Every person working with children and youth within the Canada and Bermuda Territory must be thoroughly screened before any position can be held. This screening procedure is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for the children and youth we reach. The following steps and criteria should be kept in mind when considering someone for ministry to/with children and youth:

- Read the Territorial Abuse Prevention Policy Manual and the Territorial Abuse Prevention Resource Manual.  Sign and submit to your ministry unit the 'Acknowledgement of Abuse Prevention Policy Manual' found in the Territorial Abuse Prevention Resource Manual.

- A Statement of Applicant to Work with Children and Vulnerable Adults must be completed and submitted to the corps officer or immediate supervisor at the commencement of each new position taken.
Application for Work With Children and Vulnerable Adults (pdf)

- Statement of Applicant to Work with Children and Vulnerable Adults forms will be submitted to DHQ who will forward same to the THQ Personnel Dept. to be checked against The Salvation Army’s Child Abuse Registry

- A Police Record Check is required for anyone working with children or youth or having direct access to children and youth

- Police Record Checks must be done every three years by all youth workers. If a worker transfers to another division, a new Police Record Check will be required

- Those transferring into the Canada and Bermuda Territory must also complete a Statement of Applicant to Work with Children and Youth, a Police Record Check and have a letter of reference from their home territory/church

- If the Police Record Check shows a past record, the individual must reveal to The Salvation Army the nature of the record to determine appropriateness of involvement in children and youth ministry

-  View and complete the quiz of each of the four courses on The Salvation Army page of the Armatus Online Abuse Prevention Training.­ The courses are entitled "Meet Sam", "It Happened to Me",  "Keeping Your Church Safe" (or "Keeping Your Camp Safe", "A Day At Day Camp"), "Duty To Report"  and the yearly "Abuse Prevention Refresher". ­Instructions on how to enroll and use this resource, and registration codes can be downloaded here:­ Armatus Online Abuse Prevention Training (rev 2017) (PDF).

- Reference checks for those seeking employment must be completed. A record of contact with references must be made

- Volunteers should only be permitted to work with children or youth after they have been involved in the church for a period of time (minimum of six months recommended). Letter of reference may be sought. This provides the church an opportunity to evaluate applicants and volunteers, and will repel persons seeking immediate access to children.

Failure to follow this procedure will jeopardize the ministry of The Salvation Army, lead to cancellation of our liability insurance and place young people at risk of devastating abuse.

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