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Everyone is welcome to attend a Salvation Army corps (church) and be part of our faith community.  Some people choose to make a more formal level of commitments as an Adherent, Soldier or Officer of The Salvation Army.

Membership as an adherent, soldier or officer beings with salvation.  The basis of faith is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 


Adherent: A member of The salvation Army who has not made a commitment to soldiership. Adherents are Christians who consider a local Salvation Army corps to be their church home, and want to support its vitality through their presence and involvement.

Junior Soldier: A boy or girl up to the age of 18, who has accepted Jesus as their Saviour and signed the Junior Soldier's Promise. More about Junior Soldiers.

Soldier: A converted person at least 14 years of age who has, with the approval of the senior pastoral care council, been enrolled as a member of The Salvation Army after signing the Soldier's Covenant.

Soldier's Covenant: The statement of beliefs and promises which every intending soldier is required to sign before enrolment. 

Corps: A Salvation Army unit established for the preaching of the gospel, worship, teaching and fellowship and to provide Christian-motivated service to the community.

Officer:  A Salvationist who has been trained, commissioned and ordained to service and leadership, in response to God's call.  An Officer is a recognized minister of religion.

ROLLS BINDER INSERTS: If you require the electronic insert pages for the Corps Rolls Binder, download a full set from

End of Year is Coming

Update all your Statistics

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Only a few weeks left in 2020 and its time to make sure that annual SAMIS information is as complete as possible.  Revisit months during the year and make sure that all activities have been captured.  SAMIS was customized in 2020 to accommodate COVID virtual activities so that virtual worship, small groups, special  efforts to share and care for members can be acknowledged.

COVID Rally Day

Five Ways to Increase Your RALLY DAY Impact

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Are you looking for ways to recognize RALLY DAY this year?  Here are some ideas for adjusting your plans.

P.L.A.N Evangelism Tool

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A four part focus  (Pray | Love | Ask | Nurture  PLAN) to increase intentionality and opportunities to share the gospel with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.  Can be used as a four part Sunday or small group engagement tool.  The .zip file contains printable cards for each focus, an explanatory document, a
It's that time of year again in the Canada & Bermuda Territory, and many officers have received farewell orders - meaning they will be leaving one appointment and taking up another. There are lots of things to be taken into consideration when changing appointments. ­Here is a helpful document outlining some 'best practices' for leaving

Hunger Count 2020

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Here are the documents for the 2020 Hunger Count.Hunger Count 2020 - ENGHunger Count 2020 - FRENCHHunger Count 2020 Excel WorksheetBilan-Faim2020_tableur-des-clients_FINALE.xlsxHELPFUL VIEWINGThis webinar is informative for those want to know more about the Hunger Count.

e-TIPS for Children & Youth Workers

What you need to know.

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Read this month's e-newsletter from the Territorial Children's Ministry Consultant, with loads of helpful information about creating safe spaces for children and youth, and idea for ministry during COVID.