English Conversation Circle - Salvation Army Canada

English Conversation Circle

Conversation class benefits the students.
Conversation classes will increase students’ fluency in English, with the following benefits:
  1.  Do better in school, including college and university.
  2.  Have more success in getting jobs.
  3.  Be lifted out of poverty.
  4.  Experience increased mental and emotional well-being while adjusting to a new country and culture.
  5. Teachers can have a spiritual impact. Many topics are faith-based; others can transition into spiritual conversation. Relationships are formed and newcomers can be introduced to Christ. Students who are already Christian can strengthen their faith.
Conversation Class Benefits the Corps and Community
The mission statement of our Territory is: “The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Christ, meet human need, and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world.” All of this can be achieved in a conversation class ministry.
If a corps welcomes people from the class into corps life, it would visibly demonstrate that we believe all people are equal in the hearts and minds of Christians.
The corps can be a leader in the community in breaking down discrimination and building up value and respect.
God will bear fruit through your corps!

Teachers do not need to have professional qualifications.
Conversation class is an informal setting where people can practice speaking and improve pronunciation. Those who teach or facilitate do not need to be qualified teachers. They can be volunteers who must:
  • enjoy people
  • enjoy talking
  • have no prejudice towards ethnically diverse people
  • speak English accurately and clearly
The following volunteer roles are involved in a conversation class ministry:
  • facilitate (teach)
  • refreshments
  • registration & phone contact with students
  • organize and administrate
  • advertising
Do you want to benefit the lives of others? Do you want to bear spiritual fruit? This s a good ministry for you.
Would you like to be involved, but cannot commit to every single week? With enough volunteers, this can be managed.

Teaching Materials
There are some very good materials online, free for anyone to download and print, and easy to use. Donna Millar pays an annual fee to download and distribute other excellent material. She can help you get a look at all these materials.
There are plenty of materials that cost money, some of which Donna highly recommends. She can guide you to have a look at them.

This ministry does not require a lot of training. It requires a lot of heart! We can help by providing training in the following ways and in any combination you wish:
  • Give you a manual that is quite self-explanatory.
  • Share a Skype meeting with your team.
  • Come to your ministry unit for a 3-hour session (depending on location)
  • Network you to corps in the Territory that have had success in this ministry and can help you get started