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    10 Ways to Get Involved This Christmas

    Promote Christmas engagement. November 23, 2021
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    Wondering what you can do to lighten the load of others this Christmas? Here are 10 ideas, and at the bottom is the link to get a graphic image that can be used for promotion through corps communication methods.

    1. Help pack Christmas hampers or sort donations through your local Salvation Army Christmas effort.
    2. Volunteer on a Salvation Army Christmas kettle.
    3. Support Gifts of Hope by purchasing goats or chickens for families in needy countries, or encourage a group you attend to raise funds for a Gift of Hope.
    4. Volunteer with your local Community Care group to visit nursing homes and distribute Sunshine Bags.
    5. Host a corps group (youth teachers, ministry board, musical sections, family services workers) for Christmas goodies and give them a thank you card for their service.
    6. Get sponsors and run in the Santa Shuffle.
    7. Watch for people in your community who need assistance, and direct them to the local Salvation Army for Christmas relief.
    8. Random Act of Kindness—purchase 10 gifts cards from your local coffee shop with enough money for a coffee and muffin. Distribute them randomly to people you see in need over the Christmas season.
    9. Invite someone from your neighbourhood to the Christmas Sunday or Christmas Eve service at your local Salvation Army.
    10. Support The Salvation Army Toy Drive in your community with a new, unwrapped toy!

    Use this graphic on your website, share in your social media, email blast to your corps members!

    Download this graphic image presentation and lots of other great
    Christmas corps resources from www.saMinistryHelps.ca