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    Maximize Online Ministry

    10 Ways March 29, 2021 Corps Mission Resource
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    Ministry Resources
    Ten things you must do to maximize your online worship ministry.

    1. Present the gospel and invite listeners to become followers of Jesus!

    2. Pray for listeners - and offer to pray for their concerns.  Provide  phone, email or contact form online for prayer requests.

    3. Communicate your upcoming events, and invite listeners to attend or tune in and how to do so.

    4. Inform listeners about available assistance and how to access assistance.

    5. Enable listeners to give to community service efforts, the corps ministry, or other mission efforts.

    6. Promote volunteer opportunities and provide ways for people to engage with the corps.

    7. Drive people to your website for more information and some choice resources.

    8. Make sure you identify your location and address, so listeners can find you.

    9. Follow up every prayer contact, comment or social media engagement.

    10. Saturate your online ministry in prayer.