Unexpectedly laid off from her job and now experiencing some medical issues, Tawny Vittner had to turn to the Salvation Army food bank for help.

“If it’s between my kid getting the glasses he needs and groceries, I know I can always turn to the food bank for help when those unexpected expenses pop up,” the single mom says.

The Salvation Army Curt Garland Community Support Centre
The Salvation Army Curt Garland Community Support Centre provides holistic care in the heart of Prince George, B.C.

She has four boys—11, 12, 14 and 19 years old—to feed, she adds.

“I don’t know how I do it,” Tawny says with a shake of her head.

She discovered the food bank service about four years ago and used it infrequently while she worked. But after she got laid off a few months ago, she now relies on the food bank about twice a month.

“It helped me get through to the next pay day when I was working, and now when I am really struggling, I know I can come here. There’s always something for me,” Tawny says.

The process of gathering food for a hamper includes stations where residents can pick the food they prefer to eat.

“My kids are pretty picky but I’ve never had a problem here,” Tawny says. “It’s amazing.”

The Salvation Army Curt Garland Community Support Centre
The Salvation Army is a trusted partner in the community to meet the needs of the most vulnerable. These shelves reflect the generosity of the community and the support needed for so many

Tawny feels respected and welcome at the Salvation Army food bank, which serves more than 3,700 people a month. 

“I feel comfortable,” Tawny says. “I am not embarrassed to be here. And when I am having a conversation with someone and telling them what’s going on in my life and they can’t help me, they send me in the direction where I can go to get those services. They are amazing here. I give them five stars.”

Christine Dalgleish is a full-time reporter at the Prince George Citizen newspaper who covers arts and entertainment, community news and most importantly, the people of Prince George.

Reprinted from Prince George Citizen, November 4, 2023

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