I’ve had this jacket for a few years now and I thought it would be a cool plan to add some character and fun touches to it. This idea is easy and not permanent, but it will do the trick and serve as a conversation starter.

I thrifted a few unique pins from my local Salvation Army thrift store that added interesting touches to my jacket. The pins were $2.99 each, a steal in my opinion!

Some of the pins brought back special memories or times. The ace pins remind me of an X-Men character, Gambit, one of my favourites growing up. The bicycle pin is a nice addition as I’d just bought my first bike as an adult and cycling has been one of my preferred activities. And my fruit of choice is an apple, hence the apple.

Place the pins in eye-catching places, anywhere, anyhow and use as many as you like.

I hope you try this tip. Happy thrifting and have a great spring.

Osareme David Dom-okoebu is a content creator and a creative expert for The Salvation Army. He creates content on Instagram (@_reme_) centred mainly on thrifted menswear. He also shares how to be stylish without breaking the bank. Find a thrift store near you at thriftstore.ca.

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