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Turn off Disney+ and watch one of these four documentaries instead (or the ones from last year – put the link here) to deepen your understanding of what modern slavery and human trafficking is.  It is happening here in Canada and in Bermuda - in our homes, in our communities, in our towns and in our cities across these two countries.  If anyone in our communities is not experiencing freedom then none of us are.  Stand up against modern slavery and human trafficking so that it is not happening at all. 

Veracity: Fight Traffick – London, Ontario

Cristina Howorun follows a group of women who are fighting to end one of the most profitable criminal industries worldwide, sex trafficking, in one of Canada's biggest hotspots of London, Ontario.



Hidden in Plain Sight: Labour Trafficking and Migrant Workers in Canada



Jeffery Epstein Series

True crime documentary with stories from survivors examining how a convicted sex offender used his power and wealth to carry out abuse and exploitation.

Found on Netflix – TV Series


Nefarious: Merchant of Souls / Human Trafficking Documentary By Exodus Cry

Nefarious is a sobering documentary about the realities of sex trafficking. The first hand interviews of real victims and traffickers, expose the disturbing truths behind modern say slavery and what many face on a daily. By gathering experts world wide, Nefarious attempts to bring insight into this desperate crisis.