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Modern Slavery Anti-Human Trafficking

The Canada and Bermuda Territory has developed a Territorial Fight For Freedom Strategy (Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Exploitation) that focuses our efforts on the following four main areas:

  1. Awareness and Training – Our Territory is aware and trained to know what modern slavery, human trafficking, and exploitation is and are equipped and mobilized to respond and fight.  This includes providing training and awareness from the Social Mission Department and Divisional and Provincial Contact People. 
  2. Prevention and Awareness – We are strategically engaged in preventing human trafficking and the exploitation of people.
  3. Survivor Services and Recovery – We are establishing and expanding ministry initiatives that holistically supports survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.
  4. Partnership and Advocacy – We intentionally seek to partner, collaborate, and advocate both within The Salvation Army and with external organizations and sources.


All are needed in this fight – everyone is welcome

If you or someone you know may be a victim of human trafficking, call Canada’s National Human Trafficking hotline at 1-833-900-1010