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International Women's Day

Sunday, March 8 is International Women's Day

The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission reminds us that, "The Salvation Army believes that all people are of infinite and intrinsic worth and each person is a precious being, male or female – they are equal in the sight of God and loved by him. Discrimination on any basis, whether it be colour, race, tribe, religion, age, disability or gender was unacceptable to Jesus and therefore is unacceptable to his followers. Abuse and exploitation in any form is directly opposed to Jesus’ command to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ (Luke 10:25-37), the principle by which we are called to live."

The Salvation Army is actively fighting for gender equality and justice for women and girls. Celebrating International Women's Day with your congregation and/or staff team is a way to bring awareness to this important cause.

Hosting an International Women's Day Event

Consider hosting an International Women's Day event with your staff and volunteers, or with your congregation. As International Women's Day falls on a Sunday in 2020, this provides a unique opportunity to focus on women in the context of worship.

Here is one way you can engage your community in celebrating International Women's Day.

Create an International Women's Day Pledge or Prayer Wall

Pledge Wall

  • Ask people to carefully consider this question: "What actions can I take to help forge a more gender equal world?"
  • Have people write their answers on a Pledge Card or have them choose a Selfie Card that resonates with them (these can be downloaded and printed.)
  • Invite people to take a selfie of them holding their Pledge Card or a Selfie Card of their choosing and share it on social media to raise awareness.
  • Post their Pledge Card on a Pledge Wall display.  (Select an area that is appropriate for your ministry context. You may choose to keep this display up for the rest of the month of March.)
  • Pray over the pledges, asking God to move hearts towards action that will better support, protect, and serve women in our communities and around the world.
Prayer Wall
  • Ask people to carefully consider how they can pray for women in their community or around the world.
  • Have people write their prayer on a Prayer Card.
  • Invite people to take a picture of their prayer card and share it on social media to encourage others to pray also.
  • Post their Prayer Card on a Prayer Wall display.  (Select an area that is appropriate for your ministry context. You may choose to keep this display up for the rest of the month of March.)
  • Invite others to meditate on the prayers posted, and to join in this communal prayer for women.

For more information on International Women's Day, and for more event ideas, visit the International Women's Day website here.

Learn more about Gender Equality in The Salvation Army by visiting The International Social Justice Commission's website here.

To view a video of General Brian Peddle inviting Salvationists to pray for women and girls in 2020 click here.

Suncoast Citadel Photo

 Suncoast Citadel commemorates International Women's Day.