As a body of Christ followers, may we choose to be intentional with the power that God has given us. May we speak out against injustice and create spaces for those who have been harmed in the name of Jesus to be heard. May we not fall victim to the mindset that protecting the abusers protects the name of God.  And may we serve a God who loved us so much that he used his power in the most vulnerable of ways: offering his son as the living sacrifice for our sins. 

The Great Rabboni

Learning compassion in difficult times.

"Never in my life before have I voiced the words to call for an emergency line: “Peter, I think we need to call 112,” I told my husband. We do ministry in the country of Georgia, where 112 is the equivalent of 911. “Something is very very wrong." My legs and hands began to tingle. I positioned myself to rest on my abdomen as Peter read an article that stated that lying on your stomach should assist in breathing. It was at this time my vision began to fade. I could see, but only vaguely through pin-pricks of blue, red and yellow stars. There is not much I recall after that."

"For those of you reading this who have not experienced this type of loss, be prayer warriors for those who are. Know that pregnancy and infant loss is much more prevalent than we realize. If you have experienced this loss, my heart aches for you, no matter if the loss was years ago or recent. I pray that you experience God’s perfect peace. I have found healing in sharing our journey with others."

I could write pages and pages about the “lessons learned” during the last 19 months—about the ways in which the Holy Spirit moved and spoke, revealed and uncovered, shook and stirred myself individually and the world collectively. I have a feeling that on a crisp October day, with a big mug of coffee and a journal in hand, you could write pages and pages as well.

Where do you find Peace?

Where do you find deep, internal, restful peace? Is it a place or a person? What makes the place or person peaceful? Where does peace originate, and what is its nature? Is it contingent upon outside factors? Is it sustainable? Does it sustain you? Peace is an important factor, if not the top priority in our lives. We crave it every one of the 52

A Conversation with Home League Secretary Sally Ann

Sally-Ann has been the Acting Home League Secretary in her community in Western Canada for five or six years. She was not born into The Salvation Army but married into the community and The Salvation Army church there. Her and her husband raised their children there and have been attending that Salvation Army since 1981. In our interview,

Misfit Items and the Goodness of God

If you were to come into my home, you would find different items that are important to me and our family.  One of my favourites is a stone carving of 6 people joined that represents the members of our family.  For me, it is also an image that reflects the beauty of being joined together as the greater family of God.  Together, as

Thankfulness in the Struggle

I was going through old blog posts of mine when I found one from 2016. This, in some ways, feels like a lifetime ago. Despite the fact that 2021 has been wildly different than 2016 (or, any other year… ever) this post still rings true. “I’ve recently started volunteering at a youth shelter that does meals and other cool things