Trinity-Health - Salvation Army Canada

Trinity Health Values-Based Decision Making Process

This process is intended for use in day-to-day operation when a department, team or individual is met with an issue or situation where:

  • There seems to be no single “best” response. 
  • There is a recognized difference of opinion. 
  • Those involved don’t feel good about the circumstances or the possible resolution.

Define the issue.

Identify the key facts, stakeholders and other important elements.

Clarify the perspectives.

Share your own perspective and appreciate the perspective of others.

Identify the values.

Name the most important values at stake.

Consider alternatives.

Imagine possible alternatives.

Make a decision.

Choose among the possible alternatives.

Implement the decision.

Identify a process for carrying out the decision.

Evaluate the decision.

Does the solution best address the defined problem?

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Used with permission.