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Decision Making

The building of a values-driven workplace requires everyone to understand how our core values factor into decision-making. There are three aspects that need to be managed to make this happen:

  • providing employees/volunteers with a values driven decision-making filter; 
  • ensuring that all management and executive/board level decisions are made using values framework; and 
  • ensuring that decisions and policies are communicated using language that refers to and supports the core values. 

We are busy people and we spend our days in busy workplaces. Thousands of decisions are made daily in The Salvation Army, Canada & Bermuda Territory. Many happen without us recognizing that we are even making a decision. It’s critical, however, that we use healthy decision-making processes and that they are ones that reflect our core values.

In reality, very few decisions that are made in the course of normal operations are considered collaboratively. It is generally large decisions, or decisions regarding a complex issue that cause us to sit down and talk through a situation. Most decisions are made by individuals as we perform our duties. To foster a values-driven workplace, we need to ensure that values are always a consideration in decision-making, whether large or small.

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