Performance Management - Salvation Army Canada

Performance Review

Discussion of the core values in the performance review allows a manger or supervisor to:

  • understand whether there is ongoing alignment of the employee or volunteer with the core values; 
  • receive feedback on employee perception of values integration in the workplace; and 
  • determine whether there are other values emerging in the workplace that need to be fostered or counteracted. 

This discussion can be facilitated in different ways. The review can include specific questions or discussion points regarding the core values in the workplace (e.g. how the values are, or are not, being modeled in the workplace; identifying personal strengths or weaknesses in relation to the values). If you have done any surveying of the values integration in your ministry unit, formally or informally, you will have some rich information as to which values are surfacing in your operation. This data can provide a springboard for conversation or discussion points in the review process.

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