Annual Change 2018

On behalf of the Territorial Commander, we are pleased to announce the following appointments, effective Friday, June 29, 2018 (unless otherwise stated).

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Territorial Headquarters

Office of the Chief Secretary

Major April McNeilly - Secretary for Spiritual Life Development

College for Officer Training

Major Andrew Morgan - Principal

Major Darlene Morgan - Director of Spiritual Formation

Major Cory Pinksen - Director of Academic Studies

Major Pamela Pinksen - Director of Personnel

Captain Elizabeth Nelson - Assistant Principal

Office of the Secretary for Personnel

Major Brian Armstrong - Secretary for Personnel (effective May 1, 2018, with the rank of Lt-Colonel)

Majors David and Lynn Grice - Pastoral Care Officers – Western Region

Captain Weldon Hayward - Without Appointment

Captain Barbara Stanley - Director of Pastoral Services

Captain Mark Stanley - Leadership Development Consultant

Office of the Secretary for Program

Major Lynn Armstrong - Secretary for Program (with the rank of Lt-Colonel)

Major David McNeilly - Corps Ministries Secretary

Major Catherine Skillin - Social Services Consultant

Office of the Secretary for Business Administration

Major Brenda Murray - Retaining appointment as Director of World Missions (with the rank of Lt-Colonel)

Captain Kimberly Chan - Business Administration Intern

Office of the Secretary for Communications

Major John Murray - Secretary for Communications (with the rank of Lt-Colonel)

Alberta & Northern Territories Division

Major Donald Bladen - Community Ministries Officer – Community Church of Lethbridge, Alta.

Major Donna Bladen - Corps Officer – Community Church of Lethbridge, Alta.; Divisional Secretary for Women’s Ministries*

Major Elaine Bridger - Retaining appointment as Area Commander (full time)

Major Alan Hoeft - Divisional Secretary for Public Relations & Development, Area Commander – Northern Territories*

Majors Murray and Annetta Jaster - Corps Officers – Oasis Community Church, Medicine Hat, Alta.

Major Margaret McLeod - Divisional Commander, Divisional Director of Women's Ministries*, Divisional Secretary for Spiritual Life Development*

Major Denise Walker - Corps Officer – Glenmore Temple, Calgary

Captain Ruth Gillingham - Area Commander*

Captain Jennifer Hillier - Director of Chaplaincy – Edmonton Addictions & Residential Centre

Captains Ben and Isobel Lippers - Corps Officers – Drumheller Community Church, Alta.

Cadet Kaitlyn Young - Corps Officer – Southridge Corps, Medicine Hat, Alta.

Bermuda Division

Major Sandra Stokes - Divisional Commander, Divisional Director of Women's Ministries*, Divisional Secretary for Spiritual Life Development*

British Columbia Division

Lt-Colonel Ann Braund - Divisional Director of Women's Ministries

Lt-Colonel Jamie Braund - Divisional Commander

Majors Robin and Yvonne Borrows - Corps Officers – Nanaimo Community Church, B.C.

Captain David Macpherson - Retaining appointment as Area Commander – B.C. North (full time)

Captain Lisa Macpherson - Divisional Secretary for Women's Ministries, Divisional Secretary for Spiritual Life Development*

Captains Matthew and Fiona Kean (transfer from Australia) - Corps Officers – Chilliwack Community Church, B.C.

Captains Michael and Susan Ramsay - Corps Officers – Alberni Valley, B.C.

Lieutenant Michelle Cale - Corps Officer – Trail, B.C.

Lieutenant Katherine Walker - Associate Corps Officer – Fernie, B.C., and Chaplain in Training

Cadets Richard and Sarah Apperson - Corps Officers – Terrace, B.C.

Cadet Carlos Cuellar - Corps Officer – Nelson Community Church, B.C.

Cadet Jenny Marin - Community & Family Services Officer – Nelson Community Church, B.C.

Maritime Division

Majors Orest and Tracy Goyak - Corps Officers – Saint John Hope Community Church, N.B.

Newfoundland & Labrador Division

Majors Duane and Doreen Colbourne - Corps Officers – Grand Bank, N.L.

Majors Reid Colbourne and Phyllis Blundell-Colbourne - Corps Officers – St. John’s West, N.L.

Majors Rex and Darlene Colbourne - Corps Officers – Gander Citadel, N.L.

Majors Terry and Roxann Feltham - Corps Officers – Triton-Brighton, N.L.

Major Lloyd George - Divisional Property Coordinator

Majors Lyndon and Lisa Hale - Corps Officers – Green’s Harbour, N.L.

Major Donna Hayward - Community Ministries Officer – Gander, N.L.

Major Wilson Perrin - Executive Director – St. John’s Glenbrook Lodge for Senior Citizens, N.L., Executive Director – St. John’s Glenbrook Villa*

Majors Frank and Rita Pittman - Corps Officers – Corner Brook Temple, N.L.

Major Rhonda Smith - Assistant Program Director – New Hope Community Centre, St. John’s, N.L.

Majors Brian and Betty Thomas - Corps Officers – King's Point, N.L.

Captain Steven Barrett - Executive Director – The Salvation Army Wiseman Centre, St. John’s, N.L.

Captain Lynette Barrett - Coordinator of Chaplaincy & Volunteer Services – St. John’s Glenbrook Lodge for Senior Citizens, N.L.

Captain Ashley Bungay - Divisional Youth Secretary, Divisional Secretary for Candidates*

Captain Sheldon Bungay - Divisional Youth Secretary

Captains Ray and Denise Saunders - Corps Officers – Peterview, N.L.

Captain Anthony Stokes and Major Beverley Dart-Stokes - Corps Officers – Chance Cove, N.L. - Circuit with Arnold’s Cove

Lieutenants Keith and Charlene Barrett - Corps Officers – Twillingate, N.L.

Cadet Barry Austin - Corps Officer – Point Leamington, N.L. (following marriage to Cadet Jesse Byers)

Cadet Jesse Byers - Corps Officer– Point Leamington, N.L. (following marriage to Cadet Barry Austin)

Cadet April Ward - Corps Officer – Glovertown, N.L.

Ontario Central-East Division

Lt-Colonels David and Marsha-Jean Bowles - Corps Officers – Etobicoke Temple, Toronto

Majors David and Brenda Allen - Corps Officers – North York Temple, Toronto

Major Joy Angel - Chaplain – Broadview Village, Toronto

Majors Ronald and Tonilea Cartmell - Corps Officers – Oshawa Temple, Ont.

Major Stephen McNeilly - Corps Officer – Brockville Community Church, Ont.

Major Kevin Metcalf - Corps Officer – Orillia, Ont.

Major Lorianne Metcalf - Community Ministries Officer and Corps Officer – Orillia, Ont.

Major Cynthia Oliver - Chaplain – Evangeline Residence & Florence Booth House, Toronto

Major Faye Shail - Chaplain – Meighen Health Centre, Toronto (effective July 27, 2018)

Major Roy Snow - Corps Officer and Community Ministries Officer – The Bowmanville Salvation Army Community Church, Ont.

Major Colleen Winter - Corps Officer – Georgina Community Church, Jackson's Point, Ont.

Captains Chad and Kathleen Ingram - Corps Officers – Kingston Citadel, Ont.

Captain Stephanie Watkinson - Executive Director – Barrie Bayside Mission, Ont.

Cadet Andrew Benson - Outreach Officer – Downtown Toronto

Cadets David and Gina Haggett - Corps Officers – Agincourt Community Church, Toronto

Cadets Thomas and Kristina Marsh - Corps Officers – Rideau Heights, Kingston, Ont.

Ontario Great Lakes Division

Major David Braye - Corps Officer – Stratford Community Church, Ont.

Majors Anthony and Patricia Kennedy - Special Assignment – Divisional Headquarters

Majors Guy and Donna Simms - Corps Officers – Cambridge Citadel, Ont.

Captain Sean and Major Marilyn Furey - Corps Officers – Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. – Circuit with Elliot Lake

Captains Joel and Rhonda Harmon (transfer from U.S.A. Western Territory) - Corps Officers – St. Catharines, Ont.

Captains Donald and Kathryn Ratcliff - Corps Officers – Oakville Community Church, Ont.

Captains Nicholas and Heather Samuel - Corps Officers – London Citadel, Ont.

Captains James and Debbie Vander Heyden - Corps Officers – Sudbury Community Church, Ont.

Cadet Adriane Cartmell - Corps Officer – London Hillcrest Community Church, Ont.

Prairie Division

Major Wendy Mouland - Area Commander – Prairie East Corps*

Captain Gordon Taylor - Executive Director – The Salvation Army Winnipeg Booth Centre; Area Commander – Prairie East Social Services*

Captain Karen Taylor - Assistant Executive Director – The Salvation Army Winnipeg Booth Centre

Lieutenants Joshua and Tina Howard - Corps Officers – Heritage Park Temple, Winnipeg

Lieutenant Stephanie Melchiorre - Associate Corps Officer – Weston Community Church, Winnipeg

Cadet Brian Dueck - Corps Officer – Weetamah, Winnipeg

Québec Division

Major Miguel Borgela - Community & Family Services Officer – Centre communautaire chrétien (CCC) Christian Centre of The Salvation Army/l’Armée du Salut, Montreal

Major Barbara Carey - Acting Executive Director – Montréal Women’s Emergency Shelter/l’Abri d’espoir/Hébergement d’urgence pour femmes

Major Serge Descoeurs - Corps Officer – The Salvation Army Ministries – Québec City

Captains Claude Dagenais and Anne-Marie Racicot - Corps Officers/Officiers de poste – Centre communautaire chrétien du Saint-Jérôme/Église de la resurrection, Saint-Jérôme, Que.

Lieutenants Yves Bolduc and Vivian Mag-aso - Corps Officers – Église communautaire nouvel espoir (Shawinigan) and Église communautaire de Trois-Rivières, Que.

Lieutenants Ricaurte Velasquez and Vilma Ramos - Corps Officers/Officiers de postes – Église communautaire de Sherbrooke, Que.

Lieutenant Aida Munoz-Perez - Corps Officer and Community Ministries Officer – Light of Hope Family Church, Montréal

Expressing appreciation to those farewelling and entering retirement in the coming months:

Major Gordon Armstrong

Major Constance Armstrong

Major Douglas Binner

Major Joanne Binner

Major Beverley Buell

Major Edward Canning

Major Rose Canning

Lt-Colonel James Champ

Major Pierre Croteau

Major Jo-Anne Gilbert

Major James Hagglund

Major Gwendolyn Hagglund

Major Lee Anne Hoeft

Major Virginia Kristensen

Major Lorne Jewer

Major Edith Jewer

Captain Val Redner

Captain Gloria Redner

Colonel Lindsay Rowe

Colonel Lynette Rowe

Major Johannah Sessford

Major Richard Shirran

Major Jane Shirran

Major Claudine Tardif (Croteau)

Major Kathryn Trim

Major Kester Trim

Major Ralph Young

Major Sharron Young

Praying for those with International Appointments (effective July 1, 2018):

Captains Timothy and Krista Andrews - Corps Officers, Carindale Corps, Queensland Division (Australia Eastern Territory)

Major Owen Budden - School Administrator, Lae School, Eriku, Morobe Province (Papua New Guinea Territory)

Major Sandra Budden - School Chaplain, Lae School, Eriku, Morobe Province (Papua New Guinea Territory)

Majors Rodney and Paulette Bungay - Administrators for the School for the Blind, Kingston, Jamaica (Caribbean Territory)

Lt-Colonel Anne Venables - Assistant Chief International Auditor (International Headquarters) (effective April 1, 2018)

Lt-Colonel Brian Venables - Communications Secretary (International Headquarters) (effective April 1, 2018)

Expressing appreciation to those concluding post-retirement service:

Majors Derrick and Judith Barrow - Corps Officers – Saint John Hope Community Church (Maritime Division)

Captains Kenneth and Elsie Brown - Corps Officers – La Scie (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Majors Thomas and Brenda Browne - Corps Officers – Sault Ste. Marie (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

Majors Bruce and Mildred Jennings - Corps Officers – Truro (Maritime Division)

Major Ron Millar - Corps Officer – Oakville Community Church (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

Majors Lindsay and Josephine Oxford - Corps Officers – King’s Point (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Expressing appreciation to those engaged in post-retirement service:

Majors Calvin and Beryl Collins - Corps Officers – Hare Bay (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Major Sharon Giles - Director of Spiritual Care – Ottawa Grace Manor (Ontario Central-East Division)

Majors Bruce and Mildred Jennings - Corps Officers – Truro, N.S. (Maritime Division)

Major Bonita McGory - Corps Officer – North Bay (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

Majors Warrick and Lucy Pilgrim - Corps Officers – Temiskaming Community Church, New Liskeard (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

Major Nancy Sheils - Corps Officer – Tillsonburg Community Church (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

*indicates additional responsibilities

We express our gratitude for a job well done in their present appointments and our prayer for these officers as they prepare their hearts and minds for these new responsibilities.

Lt-Colonel Jamie Braund