Annual Change 2019

On behalf of the Territorial Commander, we are pleased to announce the following appointments, effective Friday, June 28, 2019 (unless otherwise stated).

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Territorial Headquarters

Office of the Chief Secretary

Lt-Colonel Wendy Waters - Assistant Chief Secretary

Major James Anderson - Internal Auditor – Internal Audit Department (Based in Halifax)

Major Bruce Shirran - Internal Auditor – Internal Audit Department

Women's Ministries

Major Darlene Anderson - Assistant Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries (Based in Halifax); Fellowship of the Silver Star Secretary*

Captain Laura Van Schaick - Women’s Ministries Program and Resource Officer

College for Officer Training

Major Roxanne Jennings - Director of Personnel

Major Pamela Pinksen - Director of Field Education

Office of the Secretary for Personnel

Major Marilyn Shirran - Administrative Assistant – Pastoral Services Department

Office of the Secretary for Program

Major Isobel Wagner - Learning Development Coordinator – Program Services

Major Mark Wagner - Corps Ministries Secretary

Captain Stefan Van Schaick - Youth Ministries Intern (In Training) – Children and Youth Ministries Department

Alberta & Northern Territories Division

Major Elaine Bridger - Executive Director – Edmonton Centre of Hope

Major Alan Hoeft - Retaining appointment as Divisional Secretary for Public Relations (full time)

Major Bond Jennings - Community Ministries Officer – Lloydminster

Major Marina Jennings - Corps Officer – Lloydminster

Major Lisa O’Doherty - Director of Chaplaincy – Community and Family Services, Calgary

Major Patrick O’Doherty - Chaplain – Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre, Calgary

Majors Stephen and Leslie Wiseman - Area Commanders

Lieutenants Yves Bolduc and Vivian Mag-aso - Corps Officers – Wetaskiwin

Lieutenant Curtis Metcalf - Divisional Youth Secretary

Lieutenant Erin Metcalf - Divisional Youth Secretary; Divisional Secretary for Candidates*

British Columbia Division

Majors Glen and Rosanne Fraser - Corps Officers – Powell River

Majors Kirk and Linda Green - Corps Officers – Fernie

Major Paul and Captain Lisa Trickett - Corps Officers – Penticton Community Church

Captains Cory and Kelly Fifield - Corps Officers – Kamloops Community Church

Captains Ian and Ruth Gillingham - Corps Officers – Cascade Community Church, Abbotsford

Captains Randy and Anne Holden - Corps Officers – New Westminster Citadel

Lieutenant Kath Walker - Chaplain in Training – Belkin House, Vancouver

Cadet Joshua Cain - Corps Officer – High Point Community Church, Victoria (Following marriage to Cadet Kassandra Van Every)

Cadets Joel and Lynn Torrens - Corps Officers – New Hope Community Church, Salmon Arm

Cadet Kassandra Van Every - Corps Officer – High Point Community Church, Victoria (Following marriage to Cadet Joshua Cain)

Maritime Division

Major Teresa Decker - Divisional Secretary for Women's Ministries*

Major Doreen Grandy - Chaplain – Community and Family Services, Halifax* (Effective: May 29, 2019)

Major Ross Grandy - Community Ministries Director – Community and Family Services, Halifax (Effective: May 29, 2019)

Major Miriam Leslie - Community Ministries Officer – Charlottetown Community Church

Major Timothy Leslie - Corps Officer – Charlottetown Community Church

Majors Kirk and Sharon MacLeod - Corps Officers – Kentville Community Church

Majors Daniel and Glenda Roode - Corps Officers – Westville

Major Judy Vincent - Assistant Executive Director – Halifax Centre of Hope (Effective: May 29, 2019)

Captains Brent and Melissa Haas - Corps Officers – Fairview Citadel, Halifax

Captain Elaine Locke - Special Events Coordinator, Public Relations

Captain Kristian Simms - Corps Officer – Halifax Citadel Community Church

Newfoundland & Labrador Division

Major Hedley Bungay - Corps Officer – Birchy Bay – Circuit with Comfort Cove – Newstead

Major Darlene Burt - Corps Officer – Lewisporte

Majors Duane and Doreen Colbourne - Corps Officers – Hare Bay-Dover Citadel

Majors George and Karen Crocker - Corps Officers – Robert's Arm – Circuit with Pilley’s Island

Major Byron Kean - Corps Officer – Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Majors Arley and Darlene Masters - Corps Officers – Grand Bank

Majors Christopher and Claudette Pilgrim - Corps Officers – Conception Bay South

Major Frederick Pond - Chaplain – St. John's Glenbrook Lodge for Senior Citizens

Major Louise Pond - Corps Officer – Pathway Community Church, Paradise

Major Velma Preston - Corps Officer – Clarenville

Major William Preston - Community & Family Services OfficerClarenville

Majors Joshua and Pauline Randell - Corps Officers – Springdale

Majors Osbourne and Roxanne Randell - Corps Officers – Seal Cove, Fortune Bay

Captains Neil and Dolores Abbott - Corps Officers – Woodstock - Circuit with Ming’s Bight

Captain Kay Barnes - Corps Officer – La Scie

Captain Bev Brushett - Director of Spiritual Care – St. John’s Downtown Ministries – Wiseman Centre and New Hope Community Centre

Captain Tony Brushett - Executive Director – New Hope Community Centre, St. John's

Captains Morgan and Lisa Hillier - Corps Officers – Mount Pearl

Captains Jeffrey and Shannon Howard - Corps Officers – Deer Lake

Captains BJ and Krista Loder - Corps Officers – Trinity Bay South, Dildo

Captains Darren and Danette Woods - Corps Officers – Corner Brook Citadel

Lieutenants Devin and Laurie Reid - Corps Officers – Grand Falls Citadel

Cadet Nancy Studiman - Corps Officer – New World Island West (Summerford)

Ontario Central-East Division

Major Debbie Allen - Corps Officer – Rainbow Country Church, Parry Sound

Major Robert Kerr - Divisional Secretary for Public Relations

Major Shelley Kerr - Chaplain – Broadview Village, Toronto

Major Shirley King - Divisional Secretary for Women's Ministries; Divisional Adult Ministries Secretary*; Divisional Retired Officers' Secretary*

Majors David and April McNeilly - Corps Officers – Oshawa Temple

Major Daniel Pinksen - Director of Community Services – Ottawa Booth Centre

Major Lori Pinksen - Director of Spiritual Care – Ottawa Booth Centre

Major Christopher Rideout - Area Commander (Designation Change)

Major Tina Rideout - Area Commander

Majors Kenneth and Beverley Smith - Corps Officers – North Toronto Community Church

Major Deana Zelinsky - Area Commander* (Designation Change for Additional Responsibility)

Captain Jodi Dunstan - Divisional Youth Secretary

Captain Mark Dunstan - Divisional Youth Secretary; Divisional Secretary for Candidates*

Captain Jon Savage - Community Ministries Officer – Richmond Hill Community Church; Corps Officer – Richmond Hill Community Church*

Captain Tracy Savage - Corps Officer – Richmond Hill Community Church

Lieutenants Scott and Catherine Allen - Corps Officers – Agincourt Temple Community Church, Toronto

Lieutenant Aejin Jeong - Community Ministries Officer – Yorkwoods Community Church, Toronto; Corps Officer* – Yorkwoods Community Church, Toronto

Lieutenant Dae-Gun Kim - Corps Officer – Yorkwoods Community Church, Toronto

Cadet Lynnette Trottier - Community Ministries Officer – Orillia; Corps Officer* – Orillia

Cadet Matthew Trottier - Corps Officer – Orillia

Cadet Drew Young - Corps Officer – Midland Community Church

Ontario Great Lakes Division

Major Juan Burry - Executive Director – St. Catharines Community Resource Centre/Booth Centre

Major Lorraine Burry - Assistant Executive Director – St. Catharines Community Resource Centre/Booth Centre

Major Stephen Daley - Assistant Executive Director – Brantford Booth Centre; Chaplain* – Waterloo Community and Justice Services (New Directions), Kitchener

Majors Sean and Marilyn Furey - Corps Officers – Sault Ste Marie (full time)

Major Pamela Goodyear - Corps Officer – Meadowlands, Hamilton

Major James Hann - Corps Officer – Essex Community Church

Majors George and Darlene Hastings - Corps Officers – Hope Church, Elliot Lake

Majors Darrell and Lise Jackson - Corps Officers – Brantford Community Church

Major Miriam Stevens - Corps Officer – Georgetown Community Church

Major Nancy Virtue - Corps Officer – Hespeler Community Church

Captain Mark Braye - Corps Officer – Niagara Orchard Community Church, Niagara Falls; Assistant Community Ministries Officer* – Niagara Orchard Community Church, Niagara Falls

Captain Nancy Braye - Community Ministries Officer – Niagara Orchard Community Church, Niagara Falls; Assistant Corps Officer *– Niagara Orchard Community Church, Niagara Falls

Captains David and Laura Hickman - Corps Officers – South Windsor

Captains Peter and Ruth Hickman - Corps Officers – Khi – A Community Church of The Salvation Army, Milton

Captains Keesom and Tina Phanthaamath - Corps Officers – Hamilton Laotian Corps

Captains Phoungern and Oudaovanh Sombounkhanh - Corps Officers – Leamington

Captains Peter and Lee-Ann van Duinen - Corps Officers – Guelph

Lieutenant Kaitlin Adlam - Director – Waterloo Community and Justice Services (New Directions), Kitchener

Lieutenant David Haggett - Chaplain – Centre of Hope, London

Lieutenant Gina Haggett - Divisional Secretary for Public Relations

Lieutenants Bradley and Wavie Webster - Corps Officers – Sarnia

Cadets Derek and Angela Kerr - Corps Officers – Suncoast Citadel, Goderich

Prairie Division

Majors Michael and Valerie Hennessy - Corps Officers – The Salvation Army Community Church, Swift Current

Major Michael Hoeft - Area Commander – Prairie West; Area Emergency Disaster Services Director – Prairie West*

Majors Bruce and Kristiana Mac Kenzie - Corps Officers – Living Hope Community Church of The Salvation Army, Winnipeg

Major Judy Regamey - Executive Director – Saskatoon Crossroads Residential Services

Captain Kristen Gray - Corps Officer – Haven of Hope Ministries, Regina

Captain Jamie Rands - Divisional Secretary for Public Relations

Captain Shelly Rands - Chaplain – Winnipeg Community Venture

Lieutenants Alexander and Rhonda MacDonald - Corps Officers – Saskatoon Temple

Lieutenant Crystal Porter - Divisional Youth Secretary

Lieutenant Norman Porter - Divisional Youth Secretary; Divisional Secretary for Candidates*

Cadet Stephen Frank - Corps Officer/Community & Family Services OfficerBrandon (Second Year Field-Based Tailored Training)

Cadets Matthew and Whitney Reid - Corps Officers – The Salvation Army, A Community Church, Prince Albert

Expressing appreciation to those farewelling and entering retirement in the coming months:

ABBOTT, Major Collin

ABBOTT, Major Jacqueline

BARROW, Major Edward

BARROW, Major Luanne

BLACKLER, Major Marilyn

BLACKLER, Major Maurice

BRADDOCK, Major Caroline

BRIDGER, Major Glenn

BRIDGER, Major Jean

BRUNET, Major Serge

BRUNET, Major Yvette

BUNGAY, Major Hedley

CARTMELL, Major Ronald

CARTMELL, Major Tonilea

COOPER, Major Gary

COOPER, Major Sharon

COWLING, Major Alison

CRITES, Major Grayling

CRITES, Major Jacqueline

DEAN, Major David

DEAN, Major Edith

DOONAN, Major Carolyn

EASON, Major Peter

EASON, Major Karen

GRAD, Major Donald

GRAD, Major Elizabeth

HARBIN, Major Heather

HARBIN, Major Wilfred

HAYWARD, Major Bryan

HILLIARD, Major Deborah

JANES, Major Raymond

JANES, Major Laura

JASTER, Major Annetta

JASTER, Major Murray

KENNEDY, Major Anthony

KENNEDY, Major Patricia

KENNEDY, Major David

KENNEDY, Major Donna


KING, Major William

KIRBY, Auxiliary-Captain Diane

KIRBY, Auxiliary-Captain Randy

LEDREW, Major Anthony

LEDREW, Major Yvonne

LEWIS, Major Dale

METCALF, Major Kevin

METCALF, Major Loriann

PIKE, Major Wayne

PIKE, Major Betty-Ann

PRITCHETT, Major Barbara

PRITCHETT, Major Lorne

REID, Major Shirley

REID, Major Wycliffe

ROBERTS, Major Samuel

STEWARD, Major Dale

STEWARD, Major Deborah

WARD, Major Garry

WARD, Major Sandra

YOO, Captain Sung Ryong (Thomas)

Praying for those with international appointments:

Majors Saul and Jessica Doria - Returning to Home Territory – USA Western Territory

Captain Gerry Lindholm - Training Principal (Section Head for Training & Education) – Finland and Estonia Territory (Effective July 1, 2019)

Captain Hannu Lindholm - Corps Property Secretary – Finland and Estonia Territory (Effective July 1, 2019)

Cadet Anne Beinker - Returning to Home Territory – Germany, Lithuania and Poland Territory

Expressing appreciation to those concluding post-retirement service:

Majors Calvin and Beryl Collins - Corps Officers – Hare Bay-Dover Citadel (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Majors Ronald and Joyce Stuckless - Corps Officers – La Scie (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Expressing appreciation to those engaged in post-retirement service:

Majors Wilbert and Bertha Abbott - Corps Officers – Botwood (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Majors Gordon and Constance Armstrong - Corps Officers – Owen Sound Community Church (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

Captains Ken and Elsie Brown - Corps Officers – Bonavista (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Majors Calvin and Beryl Collins - Corps Officers – Campbellton (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Major Alison Cowling - Assistant Secretary for Program – Territorial Headquarters

Major Sophie Gilbert - Corps Officer – Lakeshore Community Church, Toronto (Ontario Central-East Division)

Major Sharon Giles - Director of Spiritual Care – Ottawa Grace Manor (Ontario Central-East Division)

Majors Wayne and Rosemary Green - Corps Officers – Summerside (Maritime Division)

Majors Geoff and Linda Groves - Corps Officers – Cornwall Community Church (Ontario Central-East Division)

Majors Mildred and Bruce Jennings - Corps Officers – Truro (Maritime Division)

Majors Robert and Cassie Kean - Corps Officers – New-Wes-Valley, Wesleyville (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Major Virginia Kristensen - Corps Officer – Kootenay Valley Community Church, Cranbrook (British Columbia Division)

Major Bonita McGory - Corps Officer – North Bay (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

Captain Nancy Sheils - Corps Officer – Tillsonburg Community Church (Ontario Great Lakes Division)

Majors Wilfred and Wavey Simms - Corps Officers – Englee (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Major David Sparkes - Corps Officer – Lower Island Cove (Newfoundland and Labrador Division)

Lt-Colonel Susan van Duinen - Corps Officer – Southlands Community Church, Winnipeg (Prairie Division)

*indicates additional responsibilities

We express our gratitude for a job well done in their present appointments and our prayer for these officers as they prepare their hearts and minds for these new responsibilities.

Lt-Colonel Brian Armstrong


Executive Appointments

2019 Executive Appointments Announced