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    East Toronto Citadel Deserving of Gold

    A World Missions Olympic Gold Medal winner March 1, 2014
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    For East Toronto Citadel, they consider Partners in Mission more than just a 6 week campaign; it's given a year round emphasis.  From the time the campaign is launched in January until the end of June, Partners in Mission is the only fundraising activity within the Corps, starting with a Valentine Soup & Sandwich launch party.  This year Major Gillian Brown, Director of World Missions, and Major Dennis Brown, Assistant Property Secretary, helped launch this campaign by speaking at the Valentine Soup and Sandwich event.

    In the coming months the corps will hold; a Newfie dinner, a live and silent auction (people are encouraged to offer a service) starting with a pot luck dinner and a gigantic garage sale.  During May, Self-Denial month, everyone is given a “sack”.  People are encouraged to put a Loonie a day in their sack and each week the Corps officers make a suggestion as to what to deny one-self that week.  At the end of May, they hold an in-gathering of the sacks.

    Major Ray Braddock is the Corps Officer for East Toronto and he describes these events as “great fellowship times” he says, “East Toronto has always been a mission minded Corps.  We are a very small Corps and God has blessed our sacrificial giving for Partners in Mission”.

    World Missions is recognizing the compassion, empathy and dedication that East Toronto Corps is doing to help raise the awareness of the international work of The Salvation Army.  For this, World Missions is awarding a very deserving Corps, of the World Missions Olympic Gold Medal!  A big congratulation goes out to East Toronto Citadel!  Thank you for helping us keep the flag flying around the world!


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