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  • The Dueck family

    God’s Way With Me

    I travelled the world searching for truth and came up empty. Then God led me to The Salvation Army. April 7, 2022 by Major Roy Dueck
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    I continue to be amazed that God would choose me—a person who used to try to turn Christians from their faith—to now preach and share the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • "Called to be a Soldier" and "Day by Day" help encourage, inspire and strengthen soldiership

    For the Sake of the World

    A fresh look at Salvation Army Soldiership. April 5, 2022 by Kevin Slous
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    New books, "Called to be a Soldier" and "Day by Day" help encourage, inspire and strengthen resolve toward soldiership within The Salvation Army.

  • Woodland performs as Cpt Emma Dawson, who founded The Salvation Army in Newfoundland and Labrador

    A Flair for the Dramatic

    Sharing the gospel through creative arts ministry. April 4, 2022 by Wendy Woodland
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    Dramatic arts ministry can be of great benefit to both the individual and the corps, enhancing the worship experience and providing an opportunity to share gifts that may differ from traditional musical ensembles.

  • Victoria Dudka has found refuge in Poland after fleeing the conflict in Ukraine

    "God Protects Us": A Ukrainian Shares Her Story

    Salvation Army in Poland assists Ukrainian refugee. March 31, 2022 by David Giles
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    A Ukrainian refugee finds safety in Poland and help from The Salvation Army.

  • From left, Chandrasekaran Asirvatham, Anjelina Chandrasekaran, Anugraha Chandrasekaran and Suja

    Compassionate Care

    For Salvationist Suja Chandrasekaran, nursing during the pandemic means putting faith in action. March 22, 2022 by Kristin Ostensen
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    Feature, COVID-19

    As the world has grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses such as Suja Chandrasekaran, a Salvationist from Bermuda, have been on the front lines.

  • The Holistic Ministry of Jesus

    We are called to bring hope and healing to the hurting and marginalized people of our world. March 17, 2022 by Donald E. Burke
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    Matthew gives the healing ministry of Jesus a prominent place in his overall account of his mission.

  • Beyond the Thrift Store

    A childhood connection reinforced Chelsea Marsh’s devotion to The Salvation Army. March 14, 2022 by Ken Ramstead
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    “We’re not just another social-service provider; we’re a faith-infused community that loves people without discrimination and wants to make Jesus’ love known."

  • Daily Bread

    Giving hope today with the support of the Weston Family Foundation. March 11, 2022
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    Salvationist spoke with Emma Adamo, chair of the Weston Family Foundation, about their long history of giving to The Salvation Army.

  • Crossing the Border

    A small corps in northern Ontario is reaching out to a First Nations community in Quebec. March 11, 2022 by Major Barbara Carey
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    Once a month, Lieutenants April and Brandon Keeping, and their team at Temiskaming Community Church, pack up baskets of food to distribute to families from Timiskaming First Nation in Quebec.

  • A mother receives health care and more at the integrated mother and child health project

    For the Love of a Mother

    Salvation Army gives hope for mother and child health in rural Kenya. March 8, 2022 by Kathy Nguyen
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    Feature, International Development

    With almost 99 percent of maternal deaths occurring in developing countries, maternal and child health is a key priority in The Salvation Army's international work.