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    Embracing Mental Health

    "The Salvation Army was the first organization I reached out to". October 10, 2018 salvationarmy.ca
    1 in 5 Canadians Experience Mental Illness
    1 in 5 Canadians Experience Mental Illness

    Mental illness is one of Canada’s major public health issues and world mental health day, October 10, exists to promote the awareness of such issues.

    Last year, The Salvation Army helped over 1.7 million Canadians, many of whom struggle with mental health challenges. As we provide shelter for people experiencing homelessness, rehabilitation for those struggling with addiction and practical assistance for those who have met with hard times, we strive to understand the needs of people affected by mental health, partner with community groups to raise awareness, refer people to mental-health specific programs and encourage inclusion.

    Johnny’s Story

    “A combination of work and family problems overwhelmed me and caused my mental health to go from good to worse in a very short time,” says Johnny. “After I was discharged from hospital I couldn’t work and The Salvation Army was the first organization I reached out to.”

    When Johnny came to The Salvation Army in Markham, Ont., for help with food and clothes, he’d isolated himself from everyone―afraid of rejection and lack of understanding.

    “My self-worth was gone. I was hopeless and wondered why I was living,” says Johnny. “It was the lowest point in my life.”

    Johnny says he instantly felt welcomed when he walked through the doors of The Salvation Army. “I came for practical help but received so much more from their Pathway of Hope program.”

    The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program supports individuals and families with their goals and the things they struggle with. It’s about conversations, relationships and resources.

    Johnny found a listening and supportive ear, a social connection and a cooking program to help him learn to cook on a budget.

    “When you are emotionally sick you will stay that way unless someone provides you with support,” says Johnny. “At The Salvation Army I’ve found a place where I fit in. Depression and low self-esteem made me hide at home. It was hard to fight back and embrace life but The Salvation Army has helped me do that. Today, I’m grateful for a healthier and happier state of mind.”

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