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  • Sep17Tue

    North Toronto Community Church Rally Day

    The Salvation Army reaches out in Toronto Midtown neighbourhood. September 17, 2019 by Sharon Stoops
    Songsters share the ministry of music with the community.
    Songsters share the ministry of music with the community.

    For our rally day North Toronto Community Church took to the streets as we held an outdoor community service and lunch.  We shared in worship with the community through the ministry of the songsters and the band as well as through the leadership of our worship team.  A team from the church went out for a community walk and invited community members back to the church for the barbeque lunch.  From this outreach we had four families from the community come back to us and register for the junior band.  In our community outreach we hope to make the ministry of the Salvation Army known throughout the area, to provide support and meet the physical and spiritual needs of the community, to invite the community into our church, to help them know Jesus and to have them involved in the Salvation Army.  

     (above) rally day event included a Corps and community barbeque  (above) an ice cream truck joined the party providing sweet treats for all

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