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Pathway of Hope COVID-19 Recovery Roadmap Further Resources

PDF Pathway of Hope COVID-19 Recovery Road Map


General Info/Support

The Salvation Army Integrated Mission Department
Canada Public Health Services

Preparing for Tough Talks

Addressing Emotions

Managing Team Emotions
Managing Emotions
How to deal with other people's difficult emotions

Suicide Intervention Tips

Crisis Services Canada
Suicide Prevention Tips

Crisis Debriefing Tips

Critical incident stress debriefing and how to support trauma recovery

Interesting Reads

John Maxwell: Leading Through Frightening Times
Approaching Covid 19 from a Biblical Perspective
Global Christian leaders: COVID-19 pandemic not a moment to retreat, but share Gospel boldly
Leading Through a Pandemic: Three Questions for Ministry Leaders
John Maxwell: 5 Way that Leaders can Improve Strategic Thinking

Practical Tips

When Your Church Reopens, Here's How to Meet Safely


Accessing Federal Grants for MUs

Info on CERB or other federal/provincial support for individuals

CERB benefits application
Corona Virus Benefits

Professional Development

Suicide Intervention

Life Coaching Training
Motivational Interviewing
Leadership Communication - Diversity & Building Collaborative Relationships

Mental Health Supports

Spiritual first aid for pandemic stress
MindShift CBT App
7 Digital Tools to support your mental health during Covid-19
Crisis lines for those affected by gender based violence