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Accreditation Standards & Review Process

The Salvation Army's internal accreditation process provides an assessment of social service ministry units using standards which reflect organizational policy, legislative requirements, and best practices.  These standards describe processes and systems in the areas of governance, human resources management, facility management, spiritual and religious care, and program delivery.

The accreditation review process is not meant to warrant or represent that in complying with the standards set out in this review process, a ministry unit is fully compliant with every piece of municipal, provincial/territorial, and/or federal legislation applicable at a specific point in time.

The ministry units are advised to verify on an ongoing basis that they are meeting the most up-to-date legislative requirements, as failure to do so may result in the ministry unit receiving a fine and/or other legislative penalties.

Accreditation Goals and Objectives (2023-2025)

    • 1.  Collaboration and Support
      • Strengths-Based, Partnership Strategy Model of Accreditation
      • Build Capacity for Ministry Units
    • 2.  Establish Better Processes and Strengthen Ongoing Projects
      • Targeted Processes and Supports
      • Evidence-Based Resource Development
    • 3.  Quality Culture
      • Quality Reviews
      • Collaborate with Field Experts
      • Cultivate a Quality-Improvement Atmosphere

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