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One year ago, while planning to move from my home country of Mexico to Canada, everything on my plate looked very easy: studying, working a given number of hours allowed as an international student, and of course, fulfilling my obligations as a mother. However, when I arrived here, the reality was much more difficult than I could have imagined.

Living in Canada with my two children has been one of my biggest dreams throughout my life; however, if it had not been for the help I received from the Salvation Army, I would not be able to make that dream come true.

In the beginning, it wasn't easy. I felt alone, worried, and terrified. The responsibility was huge, and I was not sure if my decision had been the right one. It crossed my mind to go back to Mexico. But God has never left me alone and led me to Pathway of Hope, which became a fundamental pillar in my experience as a newcomer. It was indeed the hand that lifted me and guided me. And to my luck, all the counselling I received was in my mother's tongue, Spanish, which was very helpful because all my concerns were addressed very assertively by Geibby, our dear caseworker, who became an angel in our lives and accompanied me every step of the way. With her help, I completed the process of renting a house, getting a job, and enrolling my daughter in school. Above all, I thank her for giving her heart in every step and for the great motivation I received that allowed me to change my perspective.


Today I feel thrilled and very grateful to the Salvation Army. It is a blessing that they can help people in different ways through Pathway of Hope and continue fulfilling my dreams through the Salvation Army; we had the excellent opportunity to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It was a privilege to be with one of the world leaders my children, and I admired. He was kind and empathetic, just as we see him on television.


More than grateful!


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