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Finding a place to live in a foreign country can be a challenging task, especially for newcomers. Samuel, an immigrant from Nigeria, faced similar challenges upon his arrival in Halifax, Canada.

After moving to Canada with his spouse and three children, Samuel struggled to find a permanent residence and had to rely on an Airbnb for temporary shelter. The harsh Canadian weather and the challenges of adapting to the country's financial system made it extremely difficult for him to provide for his family. Fortunately, Samuel's contacts within the Nigerian community informed him about The Salvation Army Centre of Hope, which provided much-needed assistance.

The Salvation Army became a beacon of hope for Samuel and his family. Faced with the pressing need for sustenance, he turned to the organization and was met with compassion and assistance. An emergency order provided them with the required essentials, but Samuel found a lifeline to a brighter future through the introduction to Pathway of Hope.

With the guidance and support of Patricia Stephens-Brown, his dedicated Pathway of Hope caseworker, Samuel set his sights on specific goals to improve their circumstances. The first hurdle to overcome was finding stable housing, and after a couple of months of tireless efforts, Samuel and his family finally found a place to call home. But the journey didn't end there.

Recognizing the importance of financial stability, the Pathway of Hope team went above and beyond to assist Samuel in navigating the complexities of government benefits and rebates. Together, they filed applications for the heating rebate, ensuring Samuel could provide warmth for his family during the cold Canadian winters. The team also provided invaluable support in filing his taxes, accessing furniture, and receiving clothing from The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

The Pathway of Hope team understood that true well-being encompassed more than material needs. To ensure the health and care of Samuel's family, they assisted in applying for the Child Care Benefit, securing their health cards from MSI, and connecting with local medical clinics. Patricia’s dedication extended to facilitating recreational opportunities for Samuel's children through programs such as Halifax Affordable Access and The Salvation Army summer camp.

"Pathway of Hope has helped my family and me settle down in our new home in Canada, making the transition much easier," Samuel expressed gratefully, reflecting on the significant transformation The Salvation Army's support had brought to their lives. Now, with a stable home, established roots, and a promising future ahead, Samuel's journey stands as a testament to resilience and the life-changing impact of community support during challenging times.

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