A new Salvation Army program is helping Nicole rebuild her life and realize dreams and goals she never thought possible.

“Through a holistic case management approach, our Pathway of Hope program pinpoints root causes that prevent families and children from escaping poverty and helps them move forward in a positive way,” says Claire Dunmore, Social Services Consultant for The Salvation Army.

Nicole, a single parent of five, first came to The Salvation Army in Toronto for assistance in feeding her  young children.

“My financial situation had suddenly changed,” says Nicole. “I was attending university and working two jobs to support my family when my then newborn daughter developed serious medical issues. I quit everything to stay at home and provide round-the-clock care.”

When her daughter’s health improved, Nicole wanted to go back to work and school but it was a real challenge to find affordable daycare. “I was on a wait list for two years,” says Nicole. “Then when space became available, my financial aid fell through. I felt defeated and just plain exhausted.”

Nicole resigned herself to the fact that she couldn’t take next steps in her life until Lexi was in school. Then she learned about Pathway of Hope. “The program has changed my life,” says Nicole.

“The Salvation Army is working alongside Nicole to help her achieve her goals,” says Leigh Rowney, a Community Ministries and Development Coordinator for The Salvation Army. “We pulled together all Salvation Army resources and secured daycare for Lexi in our own facility. With suitable and affordable daycare in place, Nicole was able to focus on improving her time management, getting her driver’s license and returning to school to become a law clerk.”

“The Salvation Army keeps me calm, focused and on track,” says Nicole. “Knowing I can come here, sometimes just to talk, means I’m not alone in my journey. They are my rock.”

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