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 L2F Christmas Interview and Program features webinar

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Territorial Headquarters has heard the frustration and disappointment of ministry unit leaders with CMS. Recognizing the challenges with CMS, the Corps Ministries Department, Social Services Department, IT Department, Legal Department and PR Department have been diligently pursuing a solution, while in conversation with CFS workers and Corps Officers it has been determined that it is no longer possible to maintain the outdated CMS program and therefore will be replacing CMS with Link2Feed for all the MU's within our region and throughout the division.  The Territorial Management Board on February 8, 2018 gave its approval for the development of a Salvation Army specific Link2Feed tool.

The program itself is user friendly and it will not be a great stressor for the individual user. Link2 Feed is currently being used by 3336 organizations in Canada, United States and very recently in the United Kingdom (Feeding Britain- 14 different areas).  Here in Canada, L2F is the Provincial Food Bank software for Ontario and Nova Scotia, and will probably be endorsed by more Prov. Associations in the years ahead.  60 Salvation Army MU’s in Canada are using L2F as part of their membership in Provincial Food Banks.

·    Opportunity for Territory (and Division) to have consistent and accurate data.
·    MU’s appointments will be less about numbers and more about ministry, as there is more time to talk and minister
·    User friendly software that will improve client intake and management
·    Pathway of Hope can be integrated into program
·    Variety of customizable real-time reports, including a survey function
·    National Hunger Count report completed at click of mouse
·    24-hour unlimited technical support for every ministry unit
·    Ontario Assoc. of Food Banks and Feed Nova Scotia use L2F as their Provincial program
·    Meets Canadian criteria as developed in Sarnia, ON and hosted in Vancouver. BC
·    Monthly fees are less than $1 a day per MU, once Territory is all onboard.

·    Holistic ministry can be a priority (Integrated Ministry)
·    Community connections can be better identified
·    Spiritual care can be a priority and measured with intake/ case management
·    Social Justice issues will be better identified through case management
·    Can provide an opportunity to identify clients for programs available in Corps
·    Will help build stronger relationships with people (and community) and assist in connecting people to Corps
·    Inventory system available

Testimonials from Current Users:

It is very user friendly, and very easy to pull reports, especially for specific months.
 Loretta Maillet, Administrative Coordinator/Santa Shuffle Race Director The Salvation Army, Sudbury New Life Centre

I personally find the Link 2 Feed a great program that has been very beneficial to us in the Halifax Regional Municipality. It connects us with other organizations who provide assistance in regards to food bank and Christmas assistance. We have been using this program for over two years now. It is very easy to use and not a difficult program to learn. I am glad that we started to use this program.
Major Doreen Grandy, Assistant CFS Director Halifax Centre of Hope, Community and Family Services

Link2Feed is a much user friendly program to use. It has an assistance guide were it tells the intake users if there are information missing during intake. It also allows flexibility of having “undisclosed option” for questions that client decline on answering. Link2Feed also provides quick access reports, such as what you have requested today. It has a customized data collector which allows flexibility of providing reports specifically by age, gender, income, education, dietary needs, etc. Link2feed also allows users for intakes to be created within a few minutes. Unlike CMS, which attaining usernames and login can take weeks, creating users for students and volunteer and or staff is swift and convenient.
Diana Javier, Community and Family Services Supervisor The Salvation Army/Armée du Salut, Ottawa Booth Centre

Some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):
·    Will CMS still be available so we can look back at case notes and history?
-    CMS will remain open for a number of years so that a worker may look back and review case notes and case history. It has not been determined when CMS will be closed out.
·    Will the information from CMS be merged with L2F?
-    The information will not be merged as it is too difficult and the data may or may not be accurate. We are requesting that all MU’s start fresh and get practiced in using L2F for intake. The system is very user friendly and intake may only take 5-7 minutes for a new household.
-    We will be asking MU’s to add 2 pieces of information from existing Households from CMS into L2F.
1. The CMS Household Number into the Case Notes of L2F. This is so that if a worker wishes to take a look back into CMS, they will be able to locate the Household quickly, with minimum effort.
2. The original date the Household was set up in CMS. This will be inputted into L2F as the “First Food Bank Visit”. This will provide the history for the household moving forward, so you will be aware of how long they have been accessing our services. As well as making sure our stats do not reflect 10,000 new users of our services in July 2018.
·    Will L2F be linked with SAMIS?
-    At this point we will not have L2F linked with SAMIS. There is a cost to provide this service, and as well we have discovered gaps where this information may not have been accurately merged.
-    We are asking MU’s to print off their monthly report and input in manually into their SAMIS record. Specific instructions will be provided to you following training. -
·    When will L2F be up and running so we can start to input our clients?
-    Following the training the test site will be available for you and your staff to practice on.
-    We are still working out a few details and it is hoped the new L2F will be available first week of July.

Following your training session we will provide a link to the L2F test site with your log in and password information, so that you may continue to test the system and train your staff.

If you have further questions and comments, please direct them to