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    Missional CFS: From Transaction to Transformation

    From Transaction to Transformation September 22, 2021 By Corps Mission Resource Department
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    NOTE: This will be a two-part session sponsored by the THQ Corps Mission Resource department by Peter Thomas (CFS Consultant).

    Have you been wondering how to have a more meaningful C&FS ministry?
    Has less contact has meant less connection with people?
    Has work become more like a drive thru lane for service?
    Wondering if there is a better way but you haven’t had a moment to think?

    We are inviting you to stop for two moments and join us in thinking about it.
    We will look at the rewards and the challenges of transactional C&FS
    And then we will unpack together another path of moving towards a transformational C&FS

    Session One, Oct 4 - Transaction

    Homework document: Missional CFS - Homework


    Session Two, Oct 18 - Transformation

    Any questions, please feel to contact peter.thomas@salvationarmy.ca

    Looking forward to our time together.
    Come prepared to share.