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    Messy Church

    A great outreach program April 12, 2018 by Corps Ministries
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    Messy Church?  Yes, Messy Church.  This program is an informal multi generational gathering with activities to develop and enhance spiritual growth and involvement in a believing community.

    A growing number of corps in the Canada & Bermuda Territory have started holding Messy Church with some amazing outcomes for which we are grateful to God.  There are program resources available and networking possibilities with other corps running the program.  Register with Messy Church for more.

    For information about Messy Church visit

    "We have been running a Messy Church program here at Peterborough Temple since Sept. We have it once a month on Saturday (the fourth Sat of the month) and we have been so encouraged to see the community people coming in to join us.  We have a committee of 8 and each month is planned with a theme in mind and everything is geared to that theme.   An interesting thing about the actual attendance is that there are very few people who normally attend the corps, that come to Messy church.  We can't figure out why they would not want to join in the fun and meet people from the community.  Our attendance is normally in the 70's but we have been as high as 120. They are families that mostly live in the area of the corps, (downtown) and many are in the low income bracket.  This has been such a great way of meeting people and opening our church to them and we have received so many positive comments from the people attending.  They are always looking forward to what awaits them next month.
    We would encourage people to really look at this ministry as an excellent way of meeting people in your community."
    Kathy Sharp (Major), Officer at Peterborough Temple

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