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    "The Right Thing"

    For Frank Campion, mayor of Welland, Ont., that meant donating his pay raise to The Salvation Army.

    Faith & Friends
    When Welland, Ont., Major Frank Campion discovered the majority of his council approved a pay raise during the COVID-19 pandemic despite his protests, he didn’t think it was appropriate. So he decided to donate his raise to "the right people": The Salvation Army.

    Disturbing Present Darkness

    Salvationist women shine light on what this new theme means to them.

    When people across the country rung in 2020, no one was aware that a pandemic of global proportions and new racial injustices were in store for the new year. With the many challenges of the previous year in mind, the women’s ministries department piloted the theme “Disturbing Present Darkness” for 2021 to encourage women across the territory.

    The Salvation Army is active in more than 130 countries worldwide. With such a wide scope of ministry, there are many service opportunities for both officers and lay personnel interested in serving overseas. Below is a list of available positions in other Salvation Army territories, prepared by the IHQ personnel

    Poetry in a Pandemic

    Acknowledging the contributions of front-line workers.

    Web Exclusive
    In March, The Salvation Army recognized the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization’s declaration of a global pandemic by joining together for a territorial day of prayer. Major Colin Bain, assistant executive director, Toronto Housing and Homeless Supports, shared the following poem he wrote to acknowledge the contributions of Salvation Army personnel who serve on the front lines to share the love of Jesus.

    The Call

    Every prospective adoptive parent waits for it. But when it comes, it changes your life forever.

    Faith & Friends
    Every adoptive parent waits for "the call" that will change your life forever. when Trina Gallop Blank got her call, it changed three lives. Read how that happened.

    ISJC Releases Report on The Salvation Army’s Efforts to Fight Human Trafficking

    Roots of Freedom outlines progress on international strategy.

    International News
    The Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission (ISJC)has unveiled a landmark report on the worldwide movement’s response to modern slavery and human trafficking. Roots of Freedom outlines some of the progress around the four objectives from the Fight for Freedom international strategy made in 2020.

    Generation X

    We’re still here and still serving.

    Web Exclusive
    Generation X. Born after the boomers and before the millennials, I think we sometimes feel a little overlooked in all the talk lately about those other two groups.

    Saving Isabel

    New movie La Deuda unpacks a biblical parable as a young boy attempts to keep his pet safe.

    Faith & Friends
    La Deuda is a fictional story inspired by Jesus’ parable of the unmerciful servant (see Matthew 18:21-35). But its Mexican setting is essential to the fabric and the characters. Read how one boy's decision has consequences beyond his family.

    A Conversation With New Chief Secretary Colonel Evie Diaz

    She shares her journey of officership, lessons on leadership and hopes for the future of the Army.

    On May 1, the Canada and Bermuda Territory welcomed Colonel Evie Diaz as its new chief secretary. Most recently, Colonel Diaz served as the chief secretary at International Headquarters. In this interview with Geoff Moulton, editor-in-chief, she shares her journey of officership, perspective on leadership and hopes for the future of the Army.

    Meet the Chair of The Salvation Army’s New Gender Equity Task Force

    Dr. Kimberley Mullins on challenging assumptions and creating opportunities for women.

    Gender equity is a key part of our Christian worldview, and yet there remains a persistent gap in The Salvation Army and society at large when it comes to opportunities for women. Editor-in-chief Geoff Moulton spoke with Dr. Kimberley Mullins about her role as chair of The Salvation Army’s new gender equity task force.