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Week 1 – Stand Up – Day 1 - Canada and Bermuda Statistics 

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery. It’s a multibillion-dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to an estimated 40.3 million people around the world.  Of those, an estimated 20.9 million people are forced into different forms of labor and sex trafficking. Get to know the statistics
modern slavery and human trafficking for Canada and Bermuda. Click Here to download the infographic.


Human Trafficking: Myths and Misconceptions – Join us for a panel discussion on myths that exist around human trafficking. During the past year, providers in the modern slavery and human trafficking field in both Canada and the United States have seen a rise in the variety of misconceptions being broadly disseminated through social media and other platforms. This panel discussion will touch on not only the various myths that have gained traction in recent months, but also the harmful impact of these myths on the anti-trafficking movement

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