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    Day 2 – Spot the Signs Poster

    Check out our Spot the Signs of Slavery and Human Trafficking Poster. January 5, 2021 by Hannah Saley
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    Week 1 – Stand Up – Day 2 

    No matter where we live in Canada and Bermuda, slavery and human trafficking is happening around us. 

    • It happens to the young girl who is deceived and pressured by her “boyfriend” to sell her body out of a hotel room after school. 
    • It transpires to the man who enters the country on a temporary migrant worker visa and is now picking fruit on a farm in deplorable, exploitative conditions. 
    • It occurs to the man working in a restaurant who has been deprived access to his passport, forced to work in a situation divested of dignity, and in fear of the safety of his family if he tries to quit. 
    • It is seen in the woman whose family cannot locate her as she is being moved around the country and forced to work in massage parlors and brothels. 

    This injustice and travesty is happening right here in our own backyard – all around us and on a daily basis.  It is important that we are able to “Spot the Signs” so that we can identify a potential victim. Check out our Spot the Signs of Slavery and Human Trafficking Poster highlighting 8 common signs of sex and labor trafficking.

    Print out copies and hang them around your ministry unit in visible areas such as the back of bathroom stall doors, in waiting rooms for Family Services and Food Banks, in offices, on bulletin boards, and in children and youth rooms, everywhere.

    Spot the Signs - Human Trafficking Poster

    Download Spot the Signs Poster Here