Day 1 – Freedom Action Framework - Salvation Army Canada
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    Day 1 – Freedom Action Framework

    The framework highlights 8 responses. January 5, 2021 by Hannah Saley
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    The International Salvation Army’s Fight for Freedom calls for increased fervor in the fight against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT).  It calls us, as an Army and individuals, to carefully and prayerfully consider how we can foil this injustice and practically respond to the pain and damage in its wake.  The Fight for Freedom Strategy is the Canada and Bermuda Territorial Response.  Our strategic goals include:
    The Freedom Action Framework
    1. Awareness and Training – Our territory is aware and trained to know what modern slavery and human trafficking is and we are equipped and mobilized to respond and fight.
    2. Prevention and Outreach – We are strategically engaged in preventing modern slavery, human trafficking, and the exploitation of people.
    3. Survivor Services and Recovery – We are establishing and expanding ministry initiatives that holistically support survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking.
    4. Partnership and Advocacy – We intentionally seek to partner, collaborate, and advocate both within The Salvation Army and with external organizations and sources.

    We will accomplish these goals by implementing our MSHT Freedom Action Framework.  The framework highlights 8 responses: Prayer, Participation, Prevention, Protection, Proof, Policy, Partnership and Prosecution.

    The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda invites everyone to STEP UP using the Global Toolbox of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Responses.  The Toolbox is a partnership tool between The Salvation Army and the Anglican Alliance and provides examples of how to STEP UP to the Fight for Freedom.  All Ministry Units across the territory and individuals connected to them are invited to join the fight with the assistance of this toolbox.  Over the next 6 days we will be highlighting key freedom framework methods you can use to join the fight.