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Physiology of Children in Human Trafficking graphic

Physiology of Children in Human Trafficking
November 16, 2021 

Key Points:

  1. Children are in process of developing and that process can be interrupted by trauma. Be gentle, be kind, be supportive.

  2. When the process has been interrupted by trauma, normal expectations need to be set aside. However, children, adolescents, and adults do not come with labels. So we need to treat everyone who comes through our doors with kindness and patience. A trauma informed policy is not just for professional staff, but includes basic skills training for everyone.

  3. We are designed for healing. New pathways can grow because the brain is plastic, in other words, it continues to change. Mindfulness practices can be introduced at any age and will improve mental health.

Additional Resources:


March 4-5, 2022 - This annual two-day conference hosted at Vanguard University brings law enforcement, social services, health/medical professionals, teachers, students, parents, and more, together to learn and engage with subject matter experts on anti-human trafficking prevention, protection, prosecution, partnership, and policy efforts around the nation and the world.

The theme of this year’s conference is “How Are Our Children?” and will focus on building wellness, support, and resilience for our youth and community as we continue to navigate the changes in anti-trafficking efforts post-pandemic.

To Learn More -


Ending Human Trafficking Podcasts with Dr. Sandra Morgan -

Human-Centered Design with Shauntina Sorrells (Podcast 262 – November 8, 2021) - Dr. Sandie Morgan is joined by Dr. Shauntina Sorrells, Chief Program Officer at Orangewood Foundation. Dr. Sorrells discusses what a human-centered design is, the various stages, and how to implement it.

Trauma Healing Institute (Podcast 200 – June 12, 2019) - Dave Stachowiak and Dr. Sandie Morgan interview Dr. Harriet Hill. Harriet is the program director for the Trauma Healing Institute at American Bible Society and is one of the authors of Healing the Wounds of Trauma.  Together they discuss the globally accessible materials and training from the Trauma Healing Institute that gives professionals, church leaders, and ordinary people the skills to help others heal from trauma.

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Building Resilience (Podcast 172 – May 20, 2018) - Dr. Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak discuss the effects adverse childhood experiences can have on a person’s entire life. They also share tools that can be used to measure the impact these experiences can have and also the factors that influence a person’s resilience.


Global Center for Women and Justice – exists to advance the global status of women, children, at-risk and vulnerable populations and end human trafficking through research, education, advocacy, collaboration, and hope.

NetSmartz – focuses on online safety education program. It provides age-appropriate videos and activities to help teach children be safer online with the goal of helping children to become more aware of potential online risks and empowering them to help prevent victimization by making safer choices on- and offline.