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Whether you are walking your dog, cooking supper, or driving to work, you can learn more about modern slavery and human trafficking by listening to these podcasts and being part of the solution.  Stand up against modern slavery and human trafficking so that it is not happening in our homes, in our communities, in our towns and in our cities across our two countries.

Emancipation Nation Podcast

Hosted by Celia Williamson, Emancipation Nation provides ways to fight various forms of human trafficking. Through this podcast, guests are given practical and valuable ways to implement knowledge around human trafficking into their communities and work places.



Ending human Trafficking Podcast

Sandra Morgan and Dave Stachowiak speak on topics of human trafficking that will challenge you to think harder and study the problem at a deeper level with the hopes of raising up other educational voices to bring an end to modern day slavery.



I Dare You (by United Against Human Trafficking) Podcast

An anti- human trafficking podcast seeking to mobilize the fight against human trafficking. This podcast equips you with practical empowering ways to address trafficking in your own neighborhood.



Agape International Missions  

The Sex Trafficking Prevention Workshop by Clayton and Emily Butler is a bible study through Right Now Media (with membership) or free on AIM's website. These video teachings are a great way to evaluate and learn about the problem through a Biblical lens.



The Truth Sharing Podcasts (Partage des vérités) - English and French

The Truth Sharing Podcasts is a project inspired by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, that gives life to the truth and creates a living legacy of commemoration. This series of podcasts visited five Canadian communities to seek out and give voice to those who have experienced loss, examine the ways in which those affected are trying to heal, and shine a light on those trying to bring about positive change