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Fight for Freedom: God's Footprint in the Mess graphic

Fight for Freedom: God's Footprint in the Mess
January 11, 2022 

Key Points:

  1. Intervening in modern slavery and human trafficking is best addressed when people of faith hold the balance of living right while righting wrongs.

  2. Jesus is our role model for characterizing a gospel of justice and creating invitations for seeing victims and survivors set free.

  3. The spirit of collaboration among ministry units, other faith based communities, non-government organizations, etc. maximizes effective strategies of intervention while creating platforms for shared intentions, knowledge, and partnerships.

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When Justice is the Measure book cover

“When Justice is the Measure” by Christine MacMillan, Don Posterski and James E Read

You haven't met Jesus until you've met him as a man of compassionate justice. When Justice is the Measure encourages those who follow Jesus to include the excluded, challenge cultural norms, confront corruption and advocate for those who are oppressed. Though injustice denies it, God intends human life to flourish. And God calls us to join the mission.